GTTV Extended Cuts: Burlesque Show

"Actual boobs within; the lovely ladies of gaming strip and swoon for your adoration."

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mrv3212966d ago

This is the lowest degree you'll ever see it.

Here at 5 degrees, soon it'll be 1,000.

Blaze9292965d ago

Damn....that one who was playing Chun Li ruined that whole video...hell, ruined my whole night. ulgh

GameGambits2965d ago

None of these girls turned my peni from 6 O clock to midnight.(boner word play there)

I mean...who that is a straight male fantasizes about LINK? He's a dude. Don't get me started on Chun Li either...she could barely do the splits let alone arouse a man through erotic dancing.

This whole video is just one giant barf fest.

CaptainKratos2965d ago

happened to Chun Li? ugh sick!!!lol.

JoySticksFTW2964d ago

It kind of messed with me that I was watching LINK strip, and not Zelda. wtf...

That Blood Rayne was actually freaky... like bad scary nightmare freaky D8

And Princess Peach is a man. I expected him to say "It's a me... Mario!!"

Just fail all around :(

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Serjikal_Strike2966d ago

not really attractive girls...imo

2966d ago
poopsack2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )


Save urselves, if u have boob tracking software turn it on, you dont want to see anything else, specially on the 2nd one. couldnt even see the rest after being scarred like that.

M337ING2965d ago

I dunno, but when chicks dress like that, it really turns me off.

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The story is too old to be commented.