Gears of War 2 for PC Coming?

Although Cliffy B has mentioned before there will NOT be a release for the PC due to piracy, there has been some rumors resurfacing that it could come this Christmas.

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shocky163002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

"Gears Of War 2 is a great franchise for the 360, and so we are putting all of our attention into making sure it stands out on that console. There are no plans to bring the game to the PC"

... Oh.. ='(

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La Chance3002d ago

talking about Gears 2 on PC, I wonder why Halo 3 never made the jump.

Both Halo and Halo 2 were on PC too.

MrChow6663002d ago

screw metacritic & sales, gears of war series are quality videogames!

bjornbear3001d ago

If you logic's were correct, then the Wii would be the best console out there and Wii Fit would be a must have game =/

Come on guys, maybe in the past sales made a difference, but once videogames have been so commercialized , sales no longer can fully reflect the quality of a game. =/

It's sad but true. However, I personally think Gears is a great franchise and the sales are justified, the same can't be said about LBP that is also an amazing game, but sold poorly in comparison which is a shame =/

vhero3001d ago

Love how he said it was due to piracy there would be no pc release though as theres just as much piracy on 360 as PC thats why its selling so well as unlike the ps3 games for the 360 are FREE!!! Why pay £40 a game for PS3 when you can get em free for the 360??

DeadlyFire3001d ago

I say its still possible to come to PC. Just maybe not in a way that everyone wants it to be in. Perhaps it will come to PC in a new Streaming cloud gaming service. One way for Microsoft to safeguard against piracy.

@ La Chance. Halo 3 PC is still very likely to come to PC in 2010. Microsoft has some unannounced games they want to reveal to come to Games 4 Windows Live. They didn't do it at E3, but they want to do soon I would think.

Consoldtobots3001d ago

that would be a shame because I love horde mode and would love to see it with higher res, textures and more enemies on screen.

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bjornbear3002d ago

But wants to play Gears of War 2. Its not a bad game IMO, and I believe if the 1st one made it to the PC, the 2nd one should too =)

Elven63002d ago

Someone can't afford a $200 console but they can afford a decent enough rig to play Gears 2 at a tolerable frame rate?

mrv3213002d ago

Maybe he allready has a rig and can't afford the $200, like recently made un-employed.

Plus we all know Gears 2 on PC will be better than 360.

bjornbear3001d ago

I mean, even if the person doesn't want a 360...

just because its cheap doesn't mean everyone WANTS to buy one.

Maybe people have better things to invest their money on, but since they have a PC that can run Gears 2, its good news =)

Elven63001d ago

Well if you don't want to buy one tough luck, the beauty of exclusives dude.

bjornbear3001d ago

I have a PS3 ;) no tough luck. Wouldn't mind though, if I really could afford believe me I would =)

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