Top 10 Most Wanted Features in Diablo III

Blizzard holds us in awe with weekly updates and spectacular gameplay videos which they release from time to time, and all that's left for the company is to ensure that the game lives up to our expectations. With that in mind, these are the top 10 things Blizzard could take note of as they polish the game to perfection.

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Raf1k13271d ago

anyone know if D3 will have randomly generated mobs like D2?

i doubt the dungeons will be

Sprud3271d ago

The dungeons will be randomized. This was confirmed a long time ago.

bjornbear3271d ago

LAN not looking good though =/

Also, personal TOP-10 for me = Include trippy levels like the Esher level in Diablo II!! =D I LOVED that level - top level designs EVER! IMO

3271d ago
thehitman3270d ago

that was worth mentioning in that entire article is that gold should be worth something... The only thing I spent my gold on was like pots or portals. Gold was totally a non-factor in d2 couldn't trade for items or anything. Everything else he commented on he wasted his time, like the baal rushing etc that comes from years of game being released and ppl know what to do and take short cuts-exploit the game. What he shouldve said was make sure the quests are more demanding that they should be completed before you can do the next and not just skip around.

Nihilism3269d ago

i hope to god there is a respec, and i know many disagree but i liked the passive bonuses from other skills when they patch LOD, otherwise points were wasted, i have faith that d3 will blow the other 2 away...and after playing d2 again recently i find it to be a pointless grindfest, even though i used to love that stuff, i feel like i'm wasting my time when i could be playing a game with story...fingers crossed for d3