Host advantage - Fact or Fiction?

Let's get it out of the way right now: host advantage exists in many games. The biggest culprit is Gears of War. Some of you may think that it's a myth, so I'm going to try to break it down in understandable terms and to dispel the myths associated with host advantage.

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Pandamobile3275d ago

Good thing 99.9% of PC games run off servers.

Bnet3433275d ago

In b4 the "lawlz p2p xbox live servers lawlz"


Jager3275d ago

Where exactly do i mention Xbox live kigmal?

rbluetank3275d ago

i have practice host advantage with my friends... it is real... they stood exactly in front of each other and fired there weapons... the host did more damaged every shot... host being more accurate is still host advantage....???

Pandamobile3275d ago

It's all about latency.

The host isn't going to do more damage to a client, it just means that the host has less amount of time for the bullets to leave his gun, travel, and enter the body of the other player.

Okay, say you're playing GOW - You are playing with a player who lives 5000 KM away from your location and you are the host. When you shoot your gun, there is virtually no time between when when the bullet leaves your gun to when it enters the other player.

When he shoots, say there is a 160 millisecond ping, that means that there is a 160 ms delay between when he shoots and when he hits you. 160 ms is a large amount of time when it comes to heated online skirmishes.

Pandamobile3275d ago

Still a huge delay if you know anything about networking.

Dead_Cell3275d ago

No matter how minor,at some point during a match the lack of delay (host advantage) CAN have an effect on the match.
If one tenth of a second is all the difference between a kill and a miss then it can effect the outcome.

OhReginald3275d ago

..I can confirm that the host has a HUGE advantage over players in gears of war online.

Hosts can take more hits, and have extra damage on their weapons (especially the shotgun) Hence the shotgun.

MiloGarret3275d ago

Read the article. Its not that they are stronger or that their weapons do more damage, it's that they actually hit when fired, and that you miss when firing at the host.

On a sidenote: "It could be more than that, though. the guy may just sit there and you completely miss him. This could be due to packetloss, which most developers are smart enough to fix. A packet is the information you send across the internet to let the host know what you're doing. Maybe that shot was lost and the host never got it. This is a common occurance with the fastest of internet packets (which are required for online gaming). Generally you can lose 1-2% of your packets. So maybe 1 out of every 100 sniper headshots is lost along the way.

Another reason you completely miss could be from another synching issue. Maybe a player gets out of wack on your system. For example, he's standing at one position on the host's computer but he's slightly to the left on yours. Something like this happening would be a big surprise when it comes to programming, since anyone letting it slip doesn't deserve to work in the business, but it could happen, and it does happen."

I'll repeat that for you Rod Ferguson: "Something like this happening would be a big surprise when it comes to programming, since anyone letting it slip doesn't deserve to work in the business"

Get it!?

360 man3275d ago

definately fact.

well at least when gears of war is concerned

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The story is too old to be commented.