David Jaffe Talks About New Title, Says It's "Still Early"

Returning to his blog, David Jaffe talked briefly about his upcoming game - which doesn't currently have an announced title or genre.

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shocky163300d ago

But we are all gonna be dead by then. >:(

dannyhinote_133300d ago

I think 2011 is probably a safe bet.

JonnyBigBoss3300d ago

You know it'll be good no matter what it is. Jaffe is always a part of great games.

ultimolu3300d ago

Yea, I'm interested in what he's working on.

Dark General3300d ago

If you guys read the blog entry he talks about the extra features he's going to put on the BluRay disk. That to me is enough to get me more interested. It's apparently going to at least warrant it to be at retail and not another downloadable game.

kaveti66163300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

You get 6 disagrees for saying you're interested in what he's working on. You seem to be making enemies fairly quickly. Fanboys, I assume.

ultimolu3300d ago

Fanboys are funny. They think slamming a disagree changes comments. They're too cowardly to say *why* they disagree.

mastiffchild3300d ago

^^^ I saw that myself-it's pretty damn sad when these people feel they know someone's mind better than they do-that's the ONLY reason for a disagree there isn't it?

Anyway, Jaffe has some great work to his name. Personally, and quite usual for a UK gamer, I never got into Twisted Metal(Jaffe himself has said before that it's a really American thing and would need big changes to appeal more in the EU and Japan this generation)but I know loads of US and Canadian gamers love the series to death. tbh, it wasn't even very easy to get hold of back in the day where I live. But Kratos still stands shoulder to shoulder with the other greats of the past ten years of gaming and as creator of that series I'm always up for seeing what Jaffe and co are up to.

It's still a mystery to me just why Calling.... didn't catch on more than it did(maybe yoday with many more about on PSN it would be a different story)as it was a little game with tons of depth to it and very enjoyable online with some great touches.

Anyway ESP finished all that AAAges ago now so they must, despite what he says be a long way into this game(be it TMPS3 or otherwise)and have lots of stuff already finished up and that he still reckons there's lots to do only bodes well for the title-lots of care is a very good idea and I don't want this rushed.

As for all the delay jibes-if there wasn't ever a release date just why and how is Jaffe delaying anything exactly? It's not as if AW or SCC haven't taken their sweet time arriving is it? And we aren't talking about Wardevil here either.

So, come on Dave, et on and have something stunning to show by GDC/E3 next year, eh? Maybe then people will talk more about the games than the blogs!

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Zizo_ha3300d ago

As good as he is but he is the most talkative developer i ever known i think if he give us games it would be much better than his talkin .

gamesR4fun3300d ago

Im hyped to see what this is so are a lot of gamers!

too bad the ng4 trolls are on this like white on rice wth is it bout this guy that brings em out?

Liquid_Ocelot3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Because when Jaffe comes out THEY know that "In the end there will only be chaos"

And THAT my friend scares the sh!t outta SOME

Scares the sh!t outta MANY then??

mastiffchild3300d ago

Well, the way I see Jaffe is that he's very similar to Cliffy in fanboy terms. Sony fanboys like to diss Cliff and 360 heads do the same to Jaffe as far as I can tell.

I suppose it's going to happen when we have two verbose characters making games pretty much exclusively for rival platforms.

Thing is I was quite pleasantly surprised yesterday when Cliffy was interviewed and a few PS3 heads gave him his due(personally I feel Cliffy just LOVES his games, all good games and , being hoonest, he always praises where it's due-but, like Dave, he does shoot from the hip and say stuff when drunk or tired!)and seemed genuinely pleased to find Cliffy is a nice enough guy! He certainly didn't get the gief he usually would do anyway even if a couple still felt the need to slag the guy.

Sadly, this evening, Jaffe gets the usual hate spilled at him and it's a little unfair when the guy's just another passionate gamer , one that happens to be a dev but a gamer nonetheless-and also one that's very approachable. Jesus he gives us all tons of insight so why hate on him?

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