Why Do People Promote A Single System Future?

PushSquare: "In the past few weeks I've endured some utter tripe disguised as journalism. "How Activision can kill the Playstation". "Why Sony should stop producing hardware". Etc. The usual link-baiting nonsense that I won't dignify with the hits the authors so desperately crave. The usual tosh that seems to promote a single-system future. Reading such articles makes me wonder though. Why on Earth would anyone want a single system future?"

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GEESE3277d ago

What a scary future....the Microsoft EA machine!!

poindat3276d ago

Boring? Far from it... it would be terrifying! Imagine it: $100 games, no unique and new IPs, very little pushing of graphical boundaries, $800 console, etc etc etc.

tplarkin73276d ago

In a free market, you always have competition. If the market dictated a single console, we would have one.

sunil3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

If the past has taught us something, in a market with NO competition, that we ALWAYS loose.

Microsoft would like nothing more than to have Nintendo & Sony (& vice versa) go out of business so they could raise prices and boast exorbitant profits. Like poindat said, if this happens, we would be faced with $800 consoles, $100 games and a subscription service for using the hardware and playing games !! (Activision already hinted it for COD MW2)

If Sony goes out of business, in my opinion, the gaming world would loose diversity with Microsoft producing a million versions of Halo and Nintendo coming out with Mario Mario and more Mario.

I cant bear the thought of loosing Uncharted, Killzone, Gran Turismo, God of War, The Last Guardian etc... (only to name a few).

Sayai jin3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

@sunil- Do you really believe that not only MS would like Sony and Nintendo to go out of business. Trust me, Sony would love for Ninty or MS to go out of business. The same for Nintendo; that would salivate at the thought of being the only console on the market. So I ask you this, what do you think the market would be like if it was just Sony's console? Edit: Sony, MS, and Nintendo are companies. What do companies like to do? Make money! Business wise they know that they all benefit from each other. The industry is supporting three consoles in a bad economy. It's unbelievable.

On topic, good article. Neither Sony, MS, or Nintendo is going anywhere. They all have staying power. Why would anyone want different? I know a lot of people do not care for the casual approach that the Wii brings to the table, but it has helped the industry grow. Nintendo had to produce a inexpensive casual console. There last few console did not do so well (their hand-helds kept the company afloat). Despite the worldwide economic situation gaming is seeing a unprecedented boom in online play, new IP's, sequels that are just as goo or better as the originals, cheaper prices, etc. So people (wanna-be journalist/fanboys) can complain and moan this whole gen while the gamers will sit back and have an experience of a life time.

JsonHenry3276d ago

We already have a single system - it is called the PC.

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-x.Red.x-3277d ago

(since it's already number one IMO)

I wouldn't like a single console future.

Playstation/Nintendo-competit ion FTW

Mongoose0513277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

No gamer should want Sony,Nintendo,or Microsoft to go out of business. Competition is what drives creativity and produces great quality games. Take that away and I bet the quality games of any of the big three would diminish greatly. This is the main reason fanboyism is garbage and should be kept to a minimum. We should support good products and companies.

Sayai jin3276d ago

Spoken like a true gamer. Bubbles for you!

get2sammyb3276d ago

Yep I echo this. Bubbles.

pippoppow3276d ago

Then things will be good. MS can leave for all I care. They brought with them faulty hardware, a pay to play scheme and lack of true exclusives which they can take with them if they leave console gaming. Maybe will give Apple or someone else who will respect gamers to a better degree to jump in.

XLiveGamer3276d ago

@ pippoppow
4 - "As long as there are at least two competetive consoles out
Then things will be good. MS can leave for all I care. They brought with them faulty hardware, a pay to play scheme and lack of true exclusives which they can take with them if they leave console gaming. Maybe will give Apple or someone else who will respect gamers to a better degree to jump in"

FOR GOD SAKE! What part of "NO MONEY NO TICKET NO TICKET NO LAUNDRY" you guys dont understand?

You want a free online gaming with all the xtras that you have on Xbox Live for Free? Question How the Fnck people behind Xbox Live is going to get paid? With what they can give us all that service? How do yo make your car run? With your feet? You need GAS to make it run but to get gas you need money. Everybody likes the free rides but for this ride to take you to a lot of places everybody needs to put some on the tank. You have PSN for free but believe me its fncking hurting Sony and soon they are going to charge you for that service... I have a great question for all you little ignorant kids and all ignorant trackers... Will you pay for you PSN service if Sony PSN charge you for it? PSN content and service its worth paying?

Sayai jin3276d ago

@pippoppow- Hmmmm. Do you remember when Sony and Nintendo a few years back (last gen) said online gamine was a gimmick in so many words? If it were not for XBL you would not see the thrive for online play the way it is now. Look at how far the PSN has came. It is due to healthy competition. If it were just the 360 and the Wii or just the PS3 and the Wii then the 360 or PS3 would not have healthy competition. The competition that Sony and MS are showing this gen is paving the way for a better gaming future. All three companies have brought, are bringing, and will bring better things to gaming. Does not take a lot to see this. MS knows that they can not slip, because Sony is a powerhouse that will clean your clock, so it keeps them on their toes. MS is a new comer, but has made some decent moves that have mad the other two lower prices, change their thinking, etc. The 360 hardware problems are well known and should not have been to the extent as it was. Ninty, is beating the other two in a different way, they have the oldest name in gaming, but are making MS and Sony think about the casual market. It's your opinion so I will not give you a disagree. My opinion is that gaming is better that MS, Sony and Ninty all around.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

All MS is good for is riding Sony's coattails. Their biggest innovations have come by way of XBL, which really is just a bloated P2P network. MS would rather rely on 3rd party devs, they don't want to have to dev their own exclusives, they only do it to stay competitive w/ Sony. MS only has like 5 studios vs. Sony's 20+.

Maybe its just my PC gaming background speaking, but online services don't need to cost a fee. It is a selling point of the software, and if the console doesn't support online, it may as well be dead in the water.

Don't be fooled, MS and Sony make good money from downloads, maybe not enough to justify their network expenses, but I don't see that playing a factor w/ MS. Even though they charge a fee for their service, that still doesn't hold them back from capatalizing off ads.

W/ FW3.0 for PS3, its pretty much a sure thing that users will get in-game chat, other than that, I really don't see a difference between XBL and PSN, besides the fact that PSN uses DEDICATED servers.

hatchimatchi3276d ago

i really don't see the difference between psn and xbl, i know xbl has netflix and whatnot, but as far as online gaming options i really don't know what makes xbl so much better to some people.

This is coming from someone who rarely plays online though.

Someone enlighten me please.

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