Wal-Mart holds new Xbox 360, PS3, Wii game clearance

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. this week held a new game clearance for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360, Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 and Nintendo Co.'s Wii.

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ShinFuYux3274d ago

Last two times target and best buy did this, I bought Ferrari challange and GT5: Prologue for 10 bucks each. That was a steal.

The last clearance that target did wasn't that good. Afro Samurai was tempting but I got lazy to get it at the end.

Right now, I'm going to wait until these retailers do another clearance for FNR4 and UFC.

mindedone3274d ago

but my local target didn't have it :(

DlocDaBudSmoka3274d ago

i didnt see any ps3 games in that list. Granted they were multiplats but i didnt see any with ps3 in abbreviations.

vagisil3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

my walmart supercenter here sucks. they can have a great clearance, but i will never get an "associate" that has the game key to open the damn case. this is why i never buy games at the walmart here.

in the electronics dept they have the WORSE customer service. they just look at you with the "why are you here look" on their faces. so i have to buy my games at gamestop, or i go to blockbuster. no other retailers are close to me :(

DlocDaBudSmoka- you are right i suppose. the last thing i bought from the elec. dept was an hdmi wire, only reason i got that is because they aren't under lock and key. thing is man, anytime i go in there, they will have like 3 or more people working in that dept alone and still their customer service blows.

so instead of going in there and getting pissed off i go to the competition where i can at least get service. we have 2 gamestops here, and the new one rocks, they are always friendly and stuff. but anyways peace man.

xbl- demented spirit
psn- dementedspirit

DlocDaBudSmoka3274d ago

next time that happens, simply tell the "associate" to do their fxcking job. they might get p1ssed, but oh well that's what they're there for.

TheDuke773274d ago

was way under rated. Thats gotta be my favorite WWII game

bjornbear3274d ago

Teh saddest of stories....=(

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The story is too old to be commented.