Virtual Reality in Screenshots: Best of Water-Simulation

Best of-Gallery includes 50 impressive and realistic CryEngine 2-Screenshots.

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Gue13157d ago

mmmmmm what proves me that this is indeed real?

Sunny_D3157d ago

I think he is trying to say that the water looks so real that he can't tell the difference between videogame or real life.

Pandamobile3157d ago

That is some sexy looking water.

commodore643156d ago

You know,

I look at these screenshots, which are rendered using high-end PC hardware and I get very excited about the next gen of consoles.

I had high hopes for this gen of consoles, but realistially, we have been restricted to 720p gaming and very good, but not outstanding, graphics on the ps3 and 360.

The hardware required for maximum crysis settings will be standard on all next gen consoles.

I really can't wait for 2012.

evrfighter3156d ago

not to start a flame war or anything but I believe I've seen quite a few fanboys here at n4g claiming that a certain ps3 title's water blows this out of the water.

The screenshots speak for themselves.

Axecution3156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

In all honesty, yes - it looks good... in fact, it looks amazing; but it doesn't actually "Move".

Anybody dev really pull off that water if they really wanted to. Its a pre-set animation that constantly repeats itself. When your character walks through the water, its simply adding a new animation over that water to simulate whitecaps.

So, in a way, i would say that Uncharted (Yes, this is directly replying to evrfighter) had, in a way, "better" looking water. Simply because the water flowed and moved as Nate walked through it. It was also something that had never really been done before...
So, in all honestly - besides those real-time reflections. D: Not sure if its a separate render or not... if it is then i have to give them props for their massive amount of work - the water doesnt look THAT good. In a screenshot, it sure as hell does - but once you play it it'll probably have the same impact as GTA4's water. It looks good from a distance, but once you go in the water, look behind you and swim backwards, it's not really all that great... especially when compared to something like Uncharted.

All im trying to say is that without the real time water effects, im not really all that impressed.
Dont take this as a fanboy sort of way. Im not even sure if there are any 360 games with fully flowing water effects, but if there are then what im saying applies to their games as well.

mal_tez923156d ago

I'm sorry but saying Uncharted has the best water effect in gaming does not make you a fanboy; it make make you seem opinionated, but really it just means you are observant. The way the water ripples as Drake moves through it, the way it reflects and refracts light, but mostly how the waves moved so realistically in the second jet-ski segment. All these thing make the water better than in Crysis.

However, the Crysis water does have better reflections.

Pandamobile3156d ago

The water does in fact move. Crysis was one of (if not) the first game to have a full 3d rendered ocean.

Axecution3156d ago

I wasnt saying it has the "best" water; just using it as an example as real-time water. ?/?

No it doesnt... and no it wasnt...

I... have Crisis on my Windows partition of my mac... the water doesn't actually move when you swim through it. And plenty of games have done what Crisis did with it's water before. -It just didn't look at good. Technically speaking, PS1 games did the same thing as Crisis...

Pandamobile3155d ago

You mean actual water simulations? There's no games that have that yet. If you mean like the surface of the water moves around you, that's a whole different story.

I also have a hard time believing that you've actually played Crysis considering for one, you can't spell the title of the game right, and two, if you're playing on a Mac, chances are you're running fairly low settings and wouldn't get all the eye candy.

TheReaper423155d ago

good looking water? yes

good physics of the water? who knows?

Axecution3155d ago

Yeah, thats what i meant. When the water moves around you... I thought i was pretty specific. *shrugs* lol.

And i'm sorry if i actually spelled the word "Crisis" correctly rather than saying it in the way the game spells it. Not sure how this means i didn't play it......
As for playing it on a mac; The game looked perfectly fine on my iMac. I dont see how saying i have a Mac makes it run and worse than a PC. As far as you know, i could have a 6,000 dollar Mac Pro.

Anyway. Yes, i Have played CR*Y*SIS. I got to the point where everything freezes over then got bored and stopped playing. ...That, and my Windows XP install decided to have a .dll go missing and forced me to reformat.

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Sunny_D3157d ago

I would sure love to drink that water! :)

heroicjanitor3156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

I'd like to see it in motion though, just to make sure it reacts well to boats etc going through it. Uncharted's water was fantastic so I expect Uncharted 2's water to look even better

BYE3156d ago

Those screenshots make for some nice PS3 backgrounds :D

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