Gaikai On-Demand Gaming Possible on PS3

David Perry's new OnLive competitor could apparently be possible on the PS3 if Sony allows it.

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mastiffchild3217d ago

But IT WONT WORK so it doesn't matter, sadly.

gaffyh3217d ago

Why won't it work? It really needs minimal effort on Sony's part for this to work, as it plays games through a video stream. Doesn't require too much RAM or 3D acceleration which means it will easily work, if Sony want it to work.

IdleLeeSiuLung3217d ago

I don't know about if it will work or not, but while viewing the video I had many hiccups alone....

Ever watched a youtube video and constantly get incosistent frame rates? Occassional freezes.... yeah! Not my ideal gaming experience.

I'm hopeful and we will see....

DevastationEve3217d ago

yeah but it won't be the big blockbuster games, since they require huge files.

plus these games will already be taxing your network connection as it is with having to stream assets on the fly, so how will they perform once you have to send even more data while gaming against other players?

they'll probably be arcade games (like Kongregate), but it really eliminates the purpose of having a hard drive.

imho, just login to Kongregate it's pretty happening over there, and it's the same concept.

gaffyh3217d ago

@1.4 - It requires minimal HDD space cos it is essentially a video stream. Also the games he shows in the demo are pretty high calibre, i.e. not just arcade titles.

kissmeimgreek3217d ago

no thatw wouldnt happen. MS wouldnt let these epople put MS exclusives on the 360. it would be like ntflix on 360 not having any sony pictures movies

phosphor1123217d ago

I'm still on a 1.5mpbs connection..and to see more and more stuff like this, it makes me kinda sad. High bandwidth is expensive in my area.. He said Mario Kart 64 takes a little less than 1 mbps..that leaves about .5 mbps for the other 3 people in my house =/

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THC CELL3217d ago

playing pc games on a ps3 would be cool as it supports mouse and keyboard and yet it has a web browser also
i say sony should allow it

sunil3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

I might not be so good for Sony as this might reduce game sales ... but then - should they care? Sony will still sell all their impressive PS3 exclusives... on the other hand Activision might stop supporting the PS3, but PS3 will get all the 360 exclusives that are also released on the PC :)

Halo on the PS3.... ohhh yea... Microsoft is gonna be livid

ExgamerLegends23217d ago

Sony should release a firmware update that further supports the web browser before this happens. It works fine but for me at least it still freezes from time to time. And I'd love to be able to fully use all the aspects of facebook and youtube and the like.... and stay permanently logged in to n4g on my ps3 as well.

Pandemic3217d ago

If we can play PC games on the Playstation 3.. Then that means we can play Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 on the Playstation 3. LOL.

Marquis_de_Sade3217d ago

I'm still very suspicious of the whole gaming on demand idea. It may sound good, but I don't see how it can work on a large scale.

sunil3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

you are right... all the demos we have seen seem to be one person playing over the service... but with a million users hitting the service, its gonna be a challenge even with extensive grids.

I am extremely impressed with the bandwidth usage though... 1 to 2 MBps (including audio) through out...

Also interesting is the fact here in the US atleast 1 ISP (comcast) is restricting the bandwidth usage to 250 GB per month (includes upload and download)... Could be a major snag for the service !

Edit : Nobody is talking about lag ! wouldnt it be a serious issue ??

Knightrid8083217d ago

Time Warner was also going to introduce bandwidth cap but after a huge uproar they went back against it. But I remember a while ago Comcast was using Sandive to disrupt people's upload speed. The US cable ISPs are so messed up that in order for services like onLive to work is to fix the cable industry first.

STK0263217d ago

yay for the 20GB download limit cap most people have around where I live!

Lucreto3217d ago

It would be very interesting if it went ahead. Sony should consider it as the 360 will have their own version soon. IIt would give people a choice to use DD or disks. and when games become rare they can use this service.

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