[email protected]: 3D objects from your printer for under $2,500

Three-dimensional fabrication tools, or "fabbers," have been common in industry for years. They can be used to make rapid models of car parts, gears, or other bits of industrial machinery in a matter of minutes. Most rely on a slow process of deposition in which various kinds of plastic are built up in layers to form the desired shape. Unfortunately for those who want to put this incredible technology to use in the home, the machines run $20,000 and up. Way up. Many of the machines cost well above $100,000.

Malone, a graduate student in mechanical engineering at Cornell University goal was to build something cheap and reliable, something that hobbyists could use to kickstart a "home fabbing revolution" that would have analogues to the personal computer revolution that hobbyists helped to launch in the early 1970s. The result was [email protected], an open-source project that provides drivers, applications software, and detailed design plans for assembling a three-dimensional desktop fabricator. Total cost: under $2,400.

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fenderputty4254d ago

really really cool. If anyone is into design, this would be extreamly awesome.

DukeLeto4254d ago

How long until we can "print" high-quality statues, like the Japanese ones I see every once in a while on Kotaku? Some of those look really good, but not $200+ good. If I could make one at home, anytime... that would be sweet.

Karebear4254d ago

Mmmm custom made 3d gaming minatures....

marison4254d ago

Download of videogame accessories would be cool! Imagine paying for the 3D PDF of some Wiimote, Xbox 360 Wireless Headset or Eye Toy HD...