Where are all the Beatles Songs? states that The Beatles are arguably the greatest rock band of all time. With countless #1 singles and a world-wide following, there is no limit as to how many songs should be in the new The Beatles: Rock Band.

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metalhead3063d ago

God I hate the Beatles, but I want this game so for the badass equipment.

xabmol3063d ago

WTF is wrong with you?!

TheColbertinator3062d ago


Look at his username

Anyway I don't hate the beatles but I do think they are overrated.I prefer The Rolling Stones

xabmol3062d ago

And I love death metal, but to hate the Beatles... There has to be something wrong with this guy/kid.

He has probably never even listened to a full Beatles song.

BaristaBoy3062d ago

I agree. I am a huge metal fan and I still appreciate the amazing abilities The Beatles had as song writers and musicians. So many people nowadays don't realize how much influence The Beatles had on the rest of the music industry.

Isis063061d ago

Good pick...
my fav Beatles song of them all.

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