Ubisoft: Spielberg inspired by Splinter Cell

OXM UK: Steven Spielberg said his movie-making is inspired by Splinter Cell and other videogames, according to Ubisoft's Maxime Beland.

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shocky163033d ago

haha, can't wait to play this game.

El Botto3033d ago

Nowadays he's pretty washed up. Not a single movie he directed in the last ten years has been great. In fact, he helped flop great franchises like "Indiana Jones" and "Transformers"

xwabbit3033d ago

Wow botto u rlly dk anything by saying that loL, yah he worked on transformers 1 and 2, those sucked huh ?

HDgamer3033d ago

2 didn't have a good story. The first one did but not good fighting scenes. Only 3 will get it right.

Sonics0203033d ago

The 2 transformer movies were terrible movies . Thematically weak , a plot that is intellectualy lacking and emotionally lacking , and sub par acting. Sure the special effects were good and one sit through it was semi entertaining, but we cannot call the transformer's movies good simply because it is filled with special effect sequences that look good.

Blitzed3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

You do realize he made the first 3 Indiana films as well don't you? I guess Saving Private Ryan sucked as well? How about Munich or Catch Me If You Can? I am assuming you feel Transformers 2 is a flop (I have yet to see it so I can't comment) so you therefore think Transformers was a great film since you refer to it as a 'great franchise'. That in itself doesn't lend a lot of cred to your opinion of what makes a great film, but how does 1 film make a franchise?

Opinions are objective so you are definitely entitled to yours but the fact that Spielberg's films have made over $9 billion, the most by any film maker in history, the majority of film goers out there disagree with your opinions.

Boody-Bandit3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

I cant wait to play this game as well.

The Master Chief3033d ago

Catch me if you can
The Terminal
Saving Private Ryan
Minority Report
Jurassic Park
Schindler's List
War of the Worlds
Back to the Future
Indiana Jones Films
The Color Purple
The Goonies
The Money Pit
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Honey I Shrunk the Kids
Cape Fear
Memoirs of a Geisha
Close Encounters of the Third Kind

It doesn't get much better than Steven Speilberg. I left many big films he was involved with out of this list.

Boody-Bandit3033d ago

I don't understand why some put Spielberg down when ever his name is mentioned on this site.

Timesplitter143033d ago

Spielberg is put down because of his views on gaming. I like him as a director for fun little movies, but I hate his views on gaming.

Spielberg thinks games shouldn't bother with complex storylines. He thinks they can't compete with movies and they should just stick with the casual audience.

JokesOnYou3033d ago

While nasim comments are somewhat annoying, Iam guilty of reading them just for the small dose of laughter they inevitably bring to this site

"Spielberg was a good director fifteen years ago.
Nowadays he's pretty washed up. Not a single movie he directed in the last ten years has been great."

-Yes nasim in your world this is true, yet Speilberg is widely regarded as one of the very best at what he does in the business today. The guy is like a household name in Hollywood. lmfao, one guess WHY YOU think he's washed up? lol


DevastationEve3033d ago

did we learn nothing from Schindler's List?

imho the situation with Jewish people in Hollywood is just as well the boomerang that is Japan: they suffered the greatest atrocities during WWII and were able to get back on their feet and bring back honor to their people.

smokeymicpot3033d ago

@The Master Chief-He didn't direct half of those movies.

DelbertGrady3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

Something tells me that if the headline had read "Ubisoft: Spielberg inspired by Metal Gear Solid" your comment would have been the opposite. "Teh bestest evah!"

Shepherd 2143033d ago

Minority Report, Munich, Catch Me if you can, and war of the worlds say hi. Kingdom of the crystal skull was good too.

By the way, Spielberg did not direct Transformers 1 or 2, he simply served as executive producer and did not have much control over the movie, executive producers deal more with finances and what best for the film money-wise.

Blitzed3032d ago

Actually he had a lot of creative input into Transformers (Speilberg was first to screen both in private and gave his notes), but your point is still good, the director still makes the movie. Unfortunatly though, Exec Producers have way too much creative input, trust me (although I think if Speilberg is the Exec, you should want it).

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SpoonyRedMage3033d ago

I can't wait for the game but it seems weird to think that it would give Spielberg ideas...

All Time Greatness3033d ago

Its pretty cool when the greatest Director in the world seems to like all things 360. Hes making games for Natal also.

Maybe a Splinter Cell inspired Natal game? :S

i3eyond the Circle3033d ago

Heh someone doesn't like you mate.

10 disagrees almost instantaneously.

On that note tho Steven Spielberg is well known in the media hopefully his name alone can pull some strings.

All Time Greatness3033d ago

ROFL I smell Nasim.

Don't be jealous cause the greatest director in the world like all things 360 and is even making games for it, disagrees on M4G won't change anything. ;)

rhood0223033d ago

Except that Splinter Cell (the franchise) was multi plat until Conviction.

If he'd have said Splinter Cell Conviction inspired him, you'd have a point.

Oh..except for his support for the Wii too.

Marquis_de_Sade3033d ago

Greatest director in the world? I can think of several much greater directors, Ridley Scott and Martin Scorsese amongst others.

All Time Greatness3033d ago

Greater than Speilberg?? In my opinion, no way. But everyone is different.

Yea he made a game for the Wii, but I was talking about Xbox 360....he just went on stage at E3 2009 for the 360. He likes Splinter Cell which is a 360 game and I said that its cool he supports Xbox 360 and making games for it on Natal. Is there something wrong with that?

Do you Sony fanboys have to cry over everything? Sorry that he doesn't support the PS3. He's smart like Activision.

Marquis_de_Sade3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

I may currently only own a PS3, but I'm hardly a fanboy. I'm not bothered how Steven Spielberg finds his influence, considering he hasn't released anything worthwhile since the original Splinter Cell though, perhaps he should look elsewhere for inspiration.

I did not murder him3033d ago

Looks like somebody did not like the fact you said Natal and Spielberg in the same sentence or said Natal period.

Marquis_de_Sade3032d ago

Not at all, it would be interesting to see what Spielberg could do with Natal.

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ape0073033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

splinter cell convection looks unreal,can't friggin wait

UltimateIdiot9113033d ago

I guess Indy doesn't cut it anymore and looking at Sam Fisher...

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