What to Expect with the Next Guerrilla Games Engine

GameGuru writes: "Killzone 2 has some rather neat special effects due to the enormous effort put in by Guerrilla Games in decoding PlayStation 3’s processing power and enhancing its graphical quality. The game is regarded, by many, as the best looking war game to have invaded a console, some even label it as Crysis for consoles."

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fire233150d ago

Wow, that is some serious upgrades if that is all true.

ExgamerLegends23150d ago

It was all believable up til the 5x poly count on all characters and levels. Not saying its impossible but KZ2 had pretty high poly count to begin with. Though I guess if the CE3 could do it GG can. CE3 has competition now.

shingo3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

The real news in that article is that Guerrilla's next game isn't a sequel to Killzone 2!! Where did they get that info from? :o

ultimolu3150d ago

I was wondering the same thing shingo...:o

Marquis_de_Sade3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

Would be nice to see them try a different genre as they are without doubt a talented development team, fully deserving of Killzone 2's critical praise.

Ju3150d ago

Doesn't mean its a different genre. It just means, next Killzone is not a sequel to 2, means not chronological after Visari falls, but some times else, or another place. Could simply be an expanded universe. "Extra Terrestic Wars" and such. They have plenty to explore in the world around Helghan and Vecta.

Marcelles253150d ago

i want a realistic first person shooter from that engine to be able to really compare it against other games

FarEastOrient3150d ago

Sure why not, the PS3 is only in its third year on the market and the polygon count of a Gran Turismo 5 car is 250,000 to 300,000 polygons depending on the make. If they can code it right than I wish I can put the cell processor in my PC instead of running 3 Corei7 on a server rack. The CELL is cheaper and much more powerful than a Corei7 and boy is this wishful thinking...

The Crysis 3 Engine, Euphoria, Killzone 2 Engine, wow is gaming gone so far!

kparks3150d ago

Well i expected the game not to tell me its loading every 3 seconds would be nice!!!!!!! LOL

phosphor1123149d ago

Hell, just give split screen the same graphics as KZ2 and I'll be happy as hell. That would be so amazing.

mal_tez923149d ago

WTF are you talking about?

Anyway I'm surprised that they can actually improve at all on this game. KZ2 is nearly perfect in all areas.

Marcelles253149d ago

no game is perfect

the only one that comes close is halo, Mgs4, littlebigplanet, give or take GTAIV thats it

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PotNoodle3150d ago

Most of the killzone 2 engine started development without the Edge tools sony's internal dev teams developed, then continued with incomplete tools.

So imagine if they written a whole new engine now with the full complete EDGE tools, the results would be even more impressive thank to the EDGE tools helping developers assign code the SPU's in a really effecient way.

Can't wait to see what they do next.

TOO PAWNED3150d ago

EDGE or not, 5 x poly jump is a bit unrealistic, it is like new gen basically.

DeadlyFire3150d ago

Is it really so hard to believe a new gen. Isn't right around the corner. PS3 has been out for 3 years. PS2 was in its 4th year before PS3 was announced to be launched in the 5th year of PS2's life. New game engine could further expand on a 2nd generation Cell as well with expanded architecture and stuff. If a PS4 was to be announced next year. Likely they already have the general idea of the specs for the PS4 if they are thinking about 2010/2011 announcement.

Ju3150d ago

I agree. 5x seams unrealistic. However, does KZ2 do any vertex optimization/streaming (like UC/UC2 does)? If not, and that gets added, a higher polycount is certainly possible.

DaTruth3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

The Cell is designed to work with other cells; Like the people who use 6 PS3's to make a super computer, the next gen is just one more PS3 away. Two cells working together, the Cells ability to render graphics, XDR and Wi-fi make the purchase of a next gen system really affordable and practically no risk for Sony.

As the Xbox 720 is released, Sony could drop the price and bring out a firmware update allowing this, creating a crushing blow to MS and Nintendo. Losing one Gen to destroy the next one!

xwabbit3150d ago

DeadlyFire Ps3 has been out for 2 years btw, 3 years in Nov

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TOO PAWNED3150d ago

it sounds a bit unrealistic but let's hope it is true.
i want their next game to be 3rd person shooter.

TheHater3150d ago

there next game should be a action third person shooter role playing game set in the Killzone universe.

Killjoy30003150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

Well, I'm not too sure they would go that route seeing as how they've nailed the immersion when it come to FPS. I think they would want to perfect on the experience they had with Killzone 2 since they set the bar so high.

The first person cover system in KZ2 is also an indication that Guerilla Games is keen to continue to delve the player deep into the experience of a war.

But then again, there is a little title called Killzone Liberation,
so anything is possible. For me, Killzone 2 is my favorite shooter of all time, so naturally I'd want killzone 2 to sport an FPS perspective. However, Socom 2 is my all-time favorite online game right beside CoD4 and Killzone 2.

RPG? That seems a little far out lol but hey KZL on PSP featured elements of RTS melded in the shooter genre.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3150d ago

The game 'is' 'the best looking war game to have invaded a console' ;-P

Who is saying it's not then??? Stevie Wonder??? ;-D

ABizzel13150d ago

Wow that's a very nice upgrade. Just because they're trying to do 5x poly count on character models and environments, doesn't mean that their game will run that high. I'm sure it's just to allow them a ton of more detail at their disposal and if the need to then they have that 5x power there. Again it'll take a lot of processing power to run a game like that and even though we don't know if the PS3 (and I would say the 360 as well) is maxed out, it would still be hard to see a game pumping out an overall experience significantly better than Killzone 2 (Which is easily top 5 this gen so far including PC games).

Now as far as their next game I for one hope it's not a shooter, and if it is I hope it's something more like an Uncharted, MGS, or something to get away from the same old same old. I for one am sick of all these shooters, and I NEED something else to play. An action game like GTA, or a God of War replacement from GG would be much more welcomed to me. Not only would it be running off one of the best game engines, but it would also expand GG diversity adding them to the Insomniac, Naughty Dog, and Sucker Punch group.

ABizzel13150d ago

I can't see this being a good mix, unless Sony Santa Monica helps out. But GG makes Heavenly Sword 2.

TheHater3150d ago

head explode if that ever happen. I fricken hope sony give that IP to someone that is capable of making a kick ass sequel/prequel

PotNoodle3150d ago

They should give heavenly sword 2 to sony santa monica

Cartesian3D3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

santa monica will ruin the female character personality (not gameplay or graphics for sure! they are INSANELY good)

imagine female character got banged with 2 nude six-pack guys and you must play a mini game during action.. omg! it will ruin the FEMALE character in our eyes.. I cant accept a B!tch heroine . /jk

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