Fanboy Friday: New Orphus Edition


Ahh, the 4th of July weekend. A Friday off from the day job, fireworks, parties, and fanboys. It's been a relatively slow news week for the video game industry, but, fanboys will still find something to whine about. If it's not a game announcement or a statement from an industry figurehead, it's review scores. While not as extreme as last week's raging over The Conduit, some people are really mad about IGN giving Overlord II a 6, which struck Destructoid's Jonathan Ross as odd since the Overlord games have never really been super popular. Usually people call for reviewer firings over major releases that get 8s instead of 9s, but some people are just really upset about Overlord II. It's fun, it's flawed, and apparently some people see it being on par with Half Life 2 or Super Mario World and can't deal with people who don't. Those silly fanboys!

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