Console Heroes: UFC Disputed 2009 Review

Console Heroes writes: "I like many people around the world am a fan of the UFC; there is just something about the sport that just seems so entertaining. The Ultimate Fighter series has helped make many of the fighters house hold names, as they took the reality TV craze and gave it an MMA twist.

Let face it boxing is boring and slow these days, full of clinching and very few fighters being entertaining as the boxers of old. Wrestling is fake and not very entertaining as they regurgitate the same old story lines they have done over the last 20 or so years. If you want to see two grown men beating the snot out of each other then there is no better place than the UFC, home to many great fighters such as Frank Mir, Lyoto Machida, Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre and many others to boot.

Previously we have seen quite a few UFC games on various systems, although none of these have been all that great. The last one I can remember playing was the very first UFC game on the Dreamcast, and it was a bit shit to say the least. It just didn't capture what fans of the UFC expected to see, sure there were some nice touches but it was average at best. I must admit I was quite excited to see what a new UFC game would look like, and hoped that the playability would be at a level that we gamers / MMA fans expected to see..."

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