Console Heroes: Prototype Review

Console Heroes writes: "There was a time back in the days of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, and before it, when games were named exactly what they were. A baseball game was just called Baseball and a hockey game was called Hockey. You don't see this too often anymore but Prototype definitely falls under that literal naming category. It is most certainly a fun game to play but it has some sadly unpolished aspects about it that almost comically parody its own name.

The game takes place in an infected New York City where the crap has already hit the fan in some rather large quantities. You play Alex Mercer who wakes up on a slab with no memory of what got him there or why he is suddenly super powered. Granted this is a horribly over used, and kind of lazy in my opinion, concept in the world of video games but the way they handle the protagonists amnesia is a lot more interesting then all the previous iterations of this tired gameplay crutch. You're actually tasked with filling in a massive Web of Intrigue by absorbing other people who know more then you do. It's a cool puzzle like way of seeing the whole story and I found it quite satisfying..."

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