SFX-360: Raven Squad: Hidden Dagger Preview

SFX-360 writes: "An elite group of mercenaries are on a mission to the Amazon with the purpose of retrieving a package from a crashed plane. What's in this package...who knows. Unfortunately in a strange sense of irony, their plane is also shot down. Now a small group of survivors must complete their mission and overcome the odds against a dangerous enemy. This is Raven Squad.

Raven Squad from SouthPeak Games plays just like your typical first-person shooter. According to Associate Producer Lee Perez, Raven Squad is more like a "first-person shooter/ real-time strategy hybrid." Sure you have all the elements of a first-person shooter, but keep in mind that your not a one man strike force. Raven Squad adds a new element to the mix. You can also use a top-down view and play the game like a real-time strategy game to command the rest of your squad. The best part is that you can play it in whichever view you wish, or combine both of them. I guess you can say that Raven Squad combines elements from Rainbow Six and even Full Spectrum Warrior and makes them into one unique experience.

When playing in first-person, everything you know from playing other FPS like Halo or Call of Duty will be the main focus. You can crouch behind walls, rocks and other objects. You can also aim and fire your weapons with precise accuracy, unless your a really bad shot. You can even switch between squadmates especially if your running low in ammo. While all this sounds great, just keep in mind all you run and gunners out there that just like in Rainbow Six, if you take a few'll die..."

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