SFX-360: Miami Law Review

SFX-360 writes: "I failed to notice it the first time I glanced at the cover of Miami Law for the Nintendo DS, only seeing the airbrushed artwork of an unshaven detective and his blonde bombshell of a partner. Then my eyes averted to the lower corner and saw the enemy: the Hudson bee logo. My mind did a trip backwards to those Angry Video Game Nerd viral videos, many of which starred games made by Hudson, notorious for their horrible controls, erratic gameplay and just overall a forgettable experience. Unless you're apt to remember terrible video games.

Sniffing out clues is the name of the game, as you take up the reins of city detective Law Martin or his better-looking partner Sara Starling solving mysteries run amok in Miami, Florida. Choosing between characters actually changes the feel of the game; Sarah is the cautious investigator while Law is the typical douchebag cop who shoots first and asks questions later. I couldn't fancy myself as a blonde girl, so I picked the South Beach foreigner-knockoff Law instead. He has a gun… pew, pew, pew..."

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