SFX-360: Rocket Riot Review

SFX-360 writes: "Imagine a game where you have a rocket launcher for a weapon and a jet pack attatched to your ass. Sounds pretty strange right? Well the crew at THQ and Codeglue have put that idea to work and Rocket Riot is the result. At first I didn't think it was anything special, but like most strange games, it just grew on me and then I was hooked. Rocket Riot is a game is full of rocket blasting fun and quite addictive to boot.

Rocket Riot is an omni-directional shooter where your ultimate goal is to take down a legless pirate named Blockbeard who's escaped from imprisonment and stole everyone's legs in the process. To chase down Blockbeard, scientists have come up with a solution by strapping a jet pack up your ass so that you can get around. Equipped with your trusty rocket launcher, you go on a mission to take out Blockbeard and his minions in deathmatch style gameplay...OK the plot is somewhat strange, but your not really going to care because Rocket Riot is all about shooting and blowing stuff up into smithereens. Just remember that the left analog stick moves your character and the right analog stick aims your shots to fire. That's all you need to know..."

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