SFX-360: Sam and Max Save The World Review

SFX-360 writes: "Sam and Max, the freelance police duo of a wise-craking yet serious dog (Sam) and the sarcastic yet borderline psychotic rabbit (Max), are back once again. Telltale Games revives the franchise with Sam and Max Save the World on Xbox Live Arcade. This is a season long collection of six episodes bundled into one package which makes you feel like your not only just playing the game, but also watching an actual sitcom.

So what can you expect from the first season of Sam and Max? Well let me fill you in. During the course of six episodes you'll take down former child stars, known as the Soda Poppers, who are causing quite a bit of chaos due to a certain video called Eye-Bo. You'll encounter a talk-show host who's taken her audience hostage. Sam and Max tackle the mafia when a mole is suddenly silenced. They'll take a trip to our nation's capital to save the president. You'll go on a mission to destroy a virtual reality program controlled by the internet. Finally, the duo will travel to the moon and save the world. Since all the episodes are unlocked, you can start with any episode you wish. I would suggest going in order though since there is a common plot point. Hypnotism anyone?..."

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