x360a: Overlord II Review

x360a writes: "It has been a while since I had a horde of evil minions running around at my beck and calm ready to spread fear amongst the masses – but then again, my job at McDonalds never really worked out. If you do not have the pleasure of working for an overbearing multinational company then the next best thing might well be the Overlord games. After all, what other game gives you a choice between evil and more evil? Overlord has never been about making the right choice, it is more about doing whatever the hell you like and bossing your minions about to get things done.

Developed once again by Triumph Studios, this game bears many of the hallmarks that set its predecessor apart from the rest of the pack. While the central mechanics of minion control have remained the same, there have been a few novel touches inserted in a bid to spice up the formula. There was never anything especially wrong with Overlord but the variety was sadly lacking and you often felt like you could make it through the game at a canter. It also suffered from pretty average multiplayer features, an issue that I fear may have reared its ugly head once again. Still, it is hard to improve upon a game that did so well first time around and the trick here is to ensure things do not get stale in a hurry..."

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