OXM UK: Games That Surprise You

OXM UK writes: "So recently, I've been getting stuck into Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. It's not particularly good but rains achievements from the moment you fire it up at a rate just about fast enough to offset the game's problems.

BUT! The multiplayer is actually alright. It's decent. It's okay. It even dares to be fun. It's a series of 4-vs-4 matches in small areas of the cities Transformers 2 takes place in and the transforming makes it work pretty well. You can fly towards Optimus Prime as Starscream, fire a couple of rockets, transform next to him, land a few melee attacks, then fly away again when other Autobots try and help out.

It's not exactly going to replace the Gears of War 2/Halo 3/Call of Duty game in your life but it is a nice surprise. Likewise, 50 Cent: Blood in the Sand was pretty good fun in co-op and Need For Speed: Most Wanted was one of my favourite launch games. Every now and then, something will surprise you..."

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