LucasArts Teasing Big Announcement Monday via Twitter writes: "LucasArts is teasing a new big announcement for Monday (July 6th) morning via their official Twitter account. The news, they say, will be 'awesome' for their 'old school fans'.

Well, as one of their 'old school' fans there are only two things that I would consider amazing at this point: They are creating the next in the series of original trilogy Star Wars space combat games (X-Wing, Tie Fighter, etc) or they are announcing Full Throttle 2. Obviously, there are a billion other possibilities from Day of the Tentacle to Zak McKraken so..."

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ThePoorman3300d ago

Full Throttle 2.... Would be nice. Probably a sequel to The Dig or something though. :|

JelalTrueshot3300d ago

That would not be bad either honestly. I liked the dig fine (funny I almost spelled that 'digg'). Heh. I think that with their return to Monkey Island though they will definitely choose another adventure title whatever the case maybe.

...Episodic Full Throttle? I would be in hook, line, and sinker.

MagicAccent3300d ago

Full throttle!
One of the most bad ass games to be produced by Tim Schafer, second only to Grim Fandango :D

pippoppow3300d ago

Full Throttle what a great game. Probably my favorite graphic adventure game.

Hububla3300d ago


madpuppy3300d ago

I have been waiting years for that sequel to come out! I was so damn pissed off when it was shelved.

Mo0eY3299d ago

***Cross fingers*** SW:TOR beta :D

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-MD-3300d ago

Zombies ate my neighbors 2


Mo0eY3299d ago

I'd kill a man for that game.

Revvin3300d ago

I would love to see an X-Wing vs Tie Fighter remake even if it only had multiplayer and was released as an XBL/PSN title but sadly I don't think it is. I spoke to a LucasArts employee at E3 in 2006 and he said there were no plans and likely never to be any plans to do a X-Wing vs Tie Fighter game because the hierachy at LucasArts didn't feel it would be a profitable project and that all their resources were going into first and third person action/adventure titles. I'd love to be wrong but its likely to be another action/adventure game.

pippoppow3300d ago

would be nice for an Xwing sequel or type game with multplayer came out for this gen. It's been too long.

Revvin3300d ago

It would be brilliant, I had the original on floppy disks it was one of my all time favourite games. No fancy looking terrain required just a few re-mastered 3D ships, multiplayer code and whack it up on XBL and PSN and let the good times roll!!

Nihilism3300d ago

f-me, a new tie fighter would make my day, i had that game when it came first cd-rom game, high tech at the time lol, who would have thought that one day floppy a-disk would be surpased by the mighty cd-rom giggle giggle

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