Q&A - The Club's Nick Davies and Matt Cavanagh

What do you get when you get Bizarre and Sega sitting in a tree? K-I-S-S-I-N-G, of course. But also, you get an awesome game. That awesome game was Metropolis Street Racer in 2000, with its perfect representation of major cities, compositions and pure arcade nature in Kudos points. It's a setup that's served its spiritual sequels Project Gotham Racing well.

After a time apart, the two teams join forces again to develop The Club, described as a shooter purely focused on fast-paced action rather than ducking round corners and strategising. A "Project Gotham Racing for guns". This is out-and-out futuristic gangland-esque warfare.

The premise is a deadly sport that occurs on the outskirts of town. Influential 'moneymen' with too much cash to splash bid on which contestants ('prey') can survive against designated killers ('hunters') and for how long - for kicks and giggles, you understand.

Is Bizarre making a big socio-political statement here or does it simply like reading Stephen King and watching Arnie movies? SPOnG spoke to Bizarre Creation's Design Manager, Nick Davies and Lead Designer Matt Cavanagh to learn a bit more about the action shooter.

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