Gears of War 2's Title Update 4 now Live

Joystiq writes:

Heads up, COG soldiers. Epic's Gears of War 2 has just received its highly-anticipated fourth Title Update. The new update not only adds experience to Horde mode, but also fixes a variety of bugs, according to the update notes on the Gears forums. Aside from fixing some issues with the new cringe-inducing smoke grenades, the new update also tweaks the Wingman match type, doing away with some of the issues involving weapon spawning and a particularly nasty exploit where players could get credit for two kills while only killing one opponent.

Hopefully, this will fix some of the persistent issues plaguing Gears of War 2's online component. So, grease up your Lancer and head out into battle. This weekend is chock full of XP, after all!

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PotNoodle2940d ago

Decided to have a quick game this morning, only changes i noticed was the Deleted scenes option (greyed out) on the main screen.

ShabzS2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

they've added experience points for the horde mode ... so for every public horde session you complete.. you get 150 xp for it ... also gives the host the added ability to restart a failed wave in a public match

also since its july 4th ... this weekend every 10th wave of public horde is going to be tickers only ... so as to help you get the 50 wave achievements with more ease ...

PotNoodle2940d ago

Oh right, i don't play much gears and have never really liked Horde, much prefered competitive, so i went on that. :p

ObviousTruth2940d ago

i refuse to put this game back in my 360 til they fix the shot gun and the lag. and they won't. so it stays on the shelf.

cRaZyLeGs 932940d ago

I went to play some multiplayer, reached the main menu and got bored.

Elvfam5112940d ago



Damn Epic is on a roll with update's to there games

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vickers5002940d ago

3.0 vickers500 | 6 hours ago - deleted by mod -

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dirthurts2940d ago

Everything seemed good to me.
I love Gears.

edhe2940d ago

i really need to get this game again now that dark corners is coming out.

shysun2940d ago

The only thing worth playing is horde mode. Everyone in vs just runs around with the damn shotgun!errrrrr

outlawlife2940d ago

apparently you never played gears, that is the way it works..always has

shysun2940d ago

? I hate gears2 MP, its just people jump rolling with a damn shotgun! Anyone who disagreed, show me a game mode on Gears2 where thats not the case. Gamertag Shysun21 I want to play the online game that you guys are playing...... /sarcasm

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