Could Fitness Gaming BeThe Future?

Instead of incorporating games into exercise, how about incorporating exercise into games?

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knox3180d ago

i hope not............

Genesis53179d ago

Really! No wonder there is so many unfit people these days. They really need to make the time to do real exercise. Grab your tennis racket or your golf clubs maybe get on your bike turn off the TV and go outside.

heroicjanitor3180d ago

Since they don't get you fit and they aren't fun.

ChickeyCantor3179d ago

They do get you fit if you keep up a schedule, it also depends on the amount of exercise you perform.
A gym is not a work out heaven, you can do it anywhere.

As for the article, no not the future but i can be part of the gaming culture.

psbeyond3180d ago

The only thing you'll get from using your games console to work out is RSI. There is no secret to being healthy and in shape, you just need a balanced diet and to do interval cardio to burn off the excess.

Fitness gaming is just exploiting the fact that many gamers are couch potatoes, and some of them are self conscious enough to fall for this scam. Probably the same people with a butterfly vibrator strapped to their abs while they swallow liquid meals in a weight watchers carton.

FantasyStar3179d ago

And even so, don't be lazy. Get your ass outside and exercise. Don't be a shut-in and do it inside cause that's just lame. I play alot of games, but I also go to 24 fitness 3 times a week as well.

24 Fitness/Outside activities > All Fitness Games ever created.

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The story is too old to be commented.