UnNamedGaming: If This Happened-PS3 PSN Edition writes: Sony is catching a lot of flack over the costs of the PS3 system lately, getting it from Activision and recently from Tecmo Koei too. Should Sony look into releasing a media-less PS3 similar to the PSP Go? Imagine a PS3 without the Blu-Ray player, no external media other than a hard drive, that relies on PSN downloads only, similar to how the PSP Go will rely on downloadable games itself. I think Sony is testing the waters with this idea by going ahead with the PSP Go in the first place

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jaixvx3181d ago

A blu ray-less ps3, dumb idea. Psn games only, dumb idea.

osmarduban3180d ago

thats one of the dumbest things ive ever heard.

Theodore873180d ago

There are dumb people out there who would buy a Blu-ray-less PS3 and complain about it being useless. Who's gonna download Over-10GB games onto their 80GB Hard-drive? They think they are smarter than some big brains Sony has.

talltony3179d ago

No bluray is the way to go... Give me a break I cant beleive how stupid people can actually be.

Trollimite3179d ago

do these idiots know that ps3 games are written on blu ray disks? and if sony was to make a blu rayless ps3 none of the games would work!

wake up people! who the hell... are writting these articles?

do some research for gods sake!

SevWolf3179d ago're all wrong..are u kiddin me?! I would have LOVED to download MGS 4 a 50 gig game onto my 60 gig ps3 pffft, it would have download faster than you can say "I really enjoyed downloading this game"/s
I think the author forgot that the games nowadays, especially on the PS3, are really REALLY

Carl14123179d ago

Totally and utterley agree.

Marcelles253179d ago

in the days alan wake doesnt have a flash light...

phosphor1123179d ago

That would be a PS.5. It wouldn't even be able to play PS1 games that you own. What kind of sh!t are people smoking these days?!? Honestly wtf.

FamilyGuy3179d ago

If publishers and developers want to sell more games all they'd have to do is lower the out-the-gate prices of their games. A $50 or $40 new game looks very appealing next to a $60-$65 new game.

Sales rise when games are cheaper, just look at all the excitement that happen whenever a store has a sale or clearance on good games.

If sony could get all their games to start at $50 instead of $60 they could increase system sells by looking like their system is cheaper over time, at least until microsoft copied the strategy...

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MysticStrummer3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

I guess I've stumbled into an alternate universe where Sony hasn't been catching flak about the PS3 price since day one.

aminal3179d ago

has this person taken leave of their senses. A blu ray drive for a pc can be had for £65 and that is with the manufacturer paying royalties to sony. The cost of adding a drive to the ps3 cannot now be above £40 for sony and this is constantly reducing week by week so what is the point of removing it. Yes you can deliver some games by web but even people like me with a 500gb hard drive in my ps3 it would soon be filled up (along with vids and music). The blu ray drive is still a unique selling point and there are better ways of cutting price.After all it is the software sales that make the big money for the companies and not the hardware, just bite the bullet reduce the price of the ps3 and recoup your losses with increased software sales to all those new owners.

JonnyBigBoss3179d ago

Blu-ray players are a lot cheaper now. However, that doesn't mean that the PS3 isn't worth $400. It's definitely worth it.

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