Xbox 360 vs. PS3 costs comparison

It's been 2 to 3 years since the launch of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. There are new models and phased-out models for each. Mike Got Game recently poked around the costs associated for both consoles. See which one is really cheaper.

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jack who2971d ago

last i checked get rrod fixed was free

Godmars2902971d ago

If its RRoD. If its something, anything, else you're SOL.

Though honestly, the guy doesn't have a right to include repair costs into the total. That blows any legitimacy the article could have had.

SolidAhmed2971d ago

everything else is true.

and i will add 100$ for the blue ray.

it is clear that the ps3 has the better value.

euchreprof2971d ago


PS3 > Xbox 360 + Wii.


leila012971d ago

Add in a High definition TV and the X360 will cost you $1000 more than the PS3.

Seriously, this is a biased comparison.

sack_boi2971d ago

Is the crap detector... err... I mean filter broken again?

leila012971d ago

So, lets get this straight. The X360 is more expensive, and has no games, but yet outsells the PS3!

El Botto2971d ago

And XBOX has more hidden costs like ERROR 74, disc scratching, low battery life etc that dont fall under the 3 year warranty.

And then there is XBOX LIVE. 50 bucks a year.

"but, but, buts its just 4.20 a month"

No, its 300 bucks for 6 years. 400 bucks for 8 years. 500 bucks for 10 years. XBOX 360 is claimed to have a 10 year life cycle + 1 day.

Free on PC and PS3 and even the wii.

98% of its games are multi platform. The processor and graphics card cant match PS3s combination. It lacks harddrive, something that is needed for most games. It doesnt have true 1080P as it upscales the resolution. And it doesnt have true HDMI as it utilizes an older version. And the lack of a next gen format.

Conclusion. Even the gamecube is a better device than the 360. If you got money to burn, youre better off buying a real heater.

Jinxstar2971d ago

This arti le reminds me of my pricewars blog here on n4g... Except mine was better... I hate low grade sites.

danofpaco2971d ago

@ above, E74 is covered under 3 year warranty.

FragMnTagM2971d ago

"Its only free if you fall under the 3 year. A lot of early adapters are already outside the 3 year or will be soon.
And XBOX has more hidden costs like ERROR 74, disc scratching, low battery life etc that dont fall under the 3 year warranty."

A three year warranty for RROD is a good thing. Sony's warranty is only for 1 year. If you need anything after one year you are SOL unless you fork over some cash. One year on anything else that breaks on the 360 is not as bad as fanboys make it seem. Sure the fail rate is rather high (or was) but it is nowhere near the ridiculous state that a lot of fanboys make it out to be. My launch console failed on me one time, and it was my fault most likely for having the damned thing inside an entertainment center.

"And then there is XBOX LIVE. 50 bucks a year.

"but, but, buts its just 4.20 a month"

No, its 300 bucks for 6 years. 400 bucks for 8 years. 500 bucks for 10 years. XBOX 360 is claimed to have a 10 year life cycle + 1 day.

Free on PC and PS3 and even the wii."

Weak argument. I would rather pay for Live than have to wait for 3 plus years to get all of the features Live has had from the beginning on the PS3. Seriously, you brought the Wii into this? Friend codes ring a bell? Voice chat? I mean c'mon straw man.

"98% of its games are multi platform. The processor and graphics card cant match PS3s combination. It lacks harddrive, something that is needed for most games. It doesnt have true 1080P as it upscales the resolution. And it doesnt have true HDMI as it utilizes an older version. And the lack of a next gen format."

I don't think it is quite 98%, more like 85-90%. It is roughly the same ratio of multi platform as PS3. A hard drive is NOT needed for any game yet, unless you are talking about arcade games. I'll give you the upscale and the HDMI argument. If Blu Ray is teh future, why hasn't the PC adopted it yet, considering that it blows away both PS3 and XBOX 360 in terms of graphics and features? Shouldn't a PC be using Blu Ray? Oh wait, it still uses DVD9 and gets the job done.

"Conclusion. Even the gamecube is a better device than the 360. If you got money to burn, youre better off buying a real heater."

Gamecube < 360, that is complete fanboy rant failure right there. Also, the PS3 gets just as hot as the 360, if not hotter. Usually I don't call people out like that, but that comment was full of FAIL!

FamilyGuy2971d ago

I could pull a better price comparison out my...
Anyways, why is this age old price debate being brought back up?

Everyone here knows the PS3 is "cheaper" but it isn't always about price so why should we read articles from such low quality sites with such low quality effort put in to their subjects?

Screw "Live cost blah blah blah"
lets bring up things that HAVE to be bought like batteries for the controllers or a recharge unit+recharge batteries.
The minuscule memory of the arcade models that HAS to be upgraded
What about the games that come bundle? Kung fu Panda, REALLY? Lego Indianan Jones? Sonic Super Stars Tennis?
Crappy games mean you HAVE to buy a good game right away, PS3 has had great game bundles and continues to. Resistance, MotorStorm, LBP, Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted, Gran Turismo Prologue. All are good for holding you over till your wallet can take a hit from an additional game purchase

After that stuff is mentioned THEN you compare the frills that real gamers want.
The Online support/functions/cost/social aspect
The Wifi
The HDD upgrades
the additional controllers
Blu-ray/Hd-Dvd players
The 5.1-7.1 Surround sound
The face-plates/appearance
The warranties
The failure rate and types of failures
The blu-tooth
The Six-axis
The cameras and games/uses
The multi-media capabilities
The up-coming motion controls

Gamers know what they want and don't need articles like this to tell them.

El Botto2971d ago

Uncharted 1, 2
Motorstorm 1, 2
Resistance 1, 2
The last guardian
Heavy Rain
FF VS 13
Killzone 2
WipeOut HD
WipeOut Fury
Fat princess
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
Gran Turismo 5
Little Big Planet
Yakuza 3
Demons Souls
Eye Of Judgement
Heavenly Sword
Do I really need to go on?

Everything I listed here, ARE TRUE EXCLUSIVESS, kid. Meaning you cannot find these games on ANY OTHER platform other than PS3.

Roughly the same percentage? Smoking crack again, fanboy?

You got Halo. Thats it. Everything else can be found on either PS3, PC or Wii. Games like mass effect and L4D arent EXCLUSIVESS, kid. I can play those games WITHOUT OWNING a 360. And I WILL PLAY those games and I WILL NEVER buy a 360.

Do you get the point, kid.
ROFL same percentage? Not even close, kid.

2971d ago
Anon19742971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Personally, I had to pay $170 twice to fix my 360...but that was eventually, and after a long fight, refunded back to me when Microsoft extended the warranty.

I wonder how many other's Microsoft tried to screw over like me who just weren't paying attention. It was reported when Microsoft extended the warranty that refund checks would automatically go out. Not only did that not happen with me, but I eventually had to fax MS my Visa statements because MS said they had no record of either of my repairs.
I wonder how many people simply didn't know Microsoft was offering rebates and MS just kept their money like they tried with me?

Edit Below: But he's acting like a repair is a certainty for the Xbox. It's not.

Homicide2971d ago

PS3 is selling pathetic considering that it's cheaper than the 360 ;)

Anon19742971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Actually, the PS3 in it's 2 1/2 years has moved just shy of 23 million consoles. The 360 at this point was only at 19 million. Obviously consumers have caught on to the PS3's value because they're adopting it much faster then they ever bought into the 360.

tplarkin72970d ago

After playing Fable 2 (which spins faster than any game and at a constant rate), my DVD drive broke. It was fixed for free. I'm guessing it was a 1 year limit, but it could be 3 years.

Anon19742970d ago

It was just RROD/E74 that was covered under the 3 years. I know because I had a run in with a disk gouging unit that Microsoft sent me as a replacement. They refused to fix it even though they had just sent it to me two weeks prior because drive problems weren't covered by the 3 year. Thankfully, I had bought an extended warranty after my 2nd 360 went on me so that covered it. I don't know about now, but a couple of years ago a 2 year extended warranty cost an extra $75 from Microsoft.

Gamertags2970d ago

You know that MS extends the warranty each time you get a replacement system. I have had the 360 since day one and even though I am on my 5th system I have never paid a dime!

These figures are bull shet by the way. Haha

Wireless adapter?
RROD fees?
Network fees? You know you can get it cheaper right?

Playstation's die as well! You will have to pay as well and their warranty isn't half as good as the 360's!

Nice figures fanboy!

Better luck next time!

Marcelles252970d ago

because they break more and microsoft got sued 5 billion times lol

thats the only reason they got that warranty my ps3 has never broken

original 60g

Gambit072970d ago

@gamertags... wow... 5th system AND you seem pretty happy about it....

Anon19742970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

The warranty is not reset when they send you a replacement system. As I mentioned earlier, in my case they wanted me to pay $170 (cdn) to repair a disk gouging unit they had sent me just two weeks prior because it wasn't covered under my original warranty.

I wouldn't go so far as to call you a liar, because maybe the warranty is different in your country, but I know this isn't true in Canada.

Edit below: And you're in the majority. Most 360 owners will never have a problem and that's why it has so many supporters. It's a great system, and if most people don't have an issue, what's the problem? That's what some PS3 fans don't understand. They wonder why you would support a faulty system...well most 360 owners don't have a faulty system. Now, if you're one of the unlucky owners like me that have had nothing but problems with their 360...that certainly changes your gaming habits and your opinions, but we are in the minority.

IdleLeeSiuLung2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

The RROD just doesn't occur as much anymore and MS did give 3-year warranty on it. If anything else breaks, you are in the same sh!thole as you were on the PS3.

Heck, what I read around forums is people intentionally inducing RROD when something else breaks to get another machine out of warranty.

The price differential is just different business models. Every company has to make money somehow and I do agree that some of the accessory cost on the Xbox is outrageous, but there is a price to get a machine cheap up front. It's like Jack Tretton once commented on the low PS2 price and how consumers sensitive to the $30 price drop are probably not going to buy many games. If you bought the 360s Arcade model based on price, one has wonder how many games that person will buy.


Yeah, when I initially bought a 360 I was so concerned about the RROD (and more importantly the Disc Read Errors) due to all the horror stories and bought an extended warranty at Target for 3-years. Cost me $35. I consider it a waste of money since I probably will never need it. My 360 is rock solid so far and with the install option I don't think my disc drive will ever give me an issue.

Thugbot1872970d ago

I bought the Xbox360 second batch after it came out. I got RROD - I used my warranty from Circuit City; got my money back and Upgraded to the Elite haven't had RROD since. I have 4 other friends who got RROD one did the Xbox warranty kept breaking but go it fixed the others had Best Buy and warranties like that all upgrade and no problems since. RROD - yes it did happen get over it... its fixed for the first part now, and you should be buying the extended warranty on any electronic device you buy. (Biggest upset about RROD was it happen to me day after Thanksgiving and I was in the middle of Assassin's creed.)

Next argument wireless, not everyone requires wireless bad argument. I personally like it wired its faster, and if your trying to stream HD video 802.11g just isn't fast enough. You would have to get an upgraded adapter for the PS3. So basically you paid for 2 wireless cards. Like I said silly point because its all based on the persons needs and standards.

BLU-RAY - Another point that is silly and based on someones needs and standards. I did not buy a game console to watch movies. I am happy with DD and upscale DVD. Yes I've seen the quality of BLU RAY its great just I'm not as picky about the quality. AS long as the movie has better quality than VHS I'm good. Another point that basically goes back to the person and the standards.

As a programmer one thing we are taught is 80% of features are never used by the majority of people using the product (perfect example Microsoft Office). Again best value is going to be different for everyone.

PS3 no games - ridiculous; Argument over who has the best killer titles, that's all a matter of opinion and will change from person to person. One thing that can be said is LIBRARY SIZE, this generation PS3 has the smallest library but its not lacking in quality. This matters when certain genre of games come into question and a gamer is trying to pick a console based on where the most games of the genre they might play are. PS3 has about 37 FPS, while 360 has 50 FPS (Not counting multi-platform titles). While PS3 still have more coming and KZ2 is hard to ignore but the fact 360 have more FPS.

There are a lot of things that go into buying a console and my point is it's different for everyone. Articles like this are just flame bate and are from poor journalistic standards. PS3 and 360 both have a lot going for them; features, games and price will appeal to each gamer for different reasons.

slayorofgods2970d ago

actually it is only free to get the rrod w/ the purchase, fixing it will cost you a warranty or more.

cherrypie2970d ago

The heat issues were resolved almost 2 years ago. They simply Are. Not. An. Issue.

But, beyond that, I find it truely silly the PS3 owner arguing "HEY! xbox 360 costs as much!1!"

Ok. Assume that is "True" (it's ridiculous, but nevermind). Imagine for a second that this idea was "True".


So, it's "True" -- but NO ONE IS BUYING the PS3 *anyway*. WHAT IS THE POINT?

No one cares about which console costs "more", they simply are buying the Xbox 360 -- and Xbox 360 titles -- in vastly greater numbers. Inspite of whatever argument is to be made about the "cost".

DMason2970d ago

Lame, worthless, absolute garbage article. How is this even a legitimate comparison? All this article is, is just a fanboys made up excuse to cause a flame war. According to this guys logic, the $4 burger at McDonalds is going to cost me more than the $7 organic sub sandwich, because if I eat the burger Im going to have to pay for toilet paper for when I crap it out, cholesterol medication for when my arteries clog, and new clothes for when I get fatter.

This is GARBAGE! Remove it.

Anon19742969d ago

cherrypie said "No one cares about which console costs "more", they simply are buying the Xbox 360 in vastly greater numbers."

Is that so? Funny, because the last I checked the PS3 is selling millions more than the 360 did, idicating that consumers are buying vastly greater numbers of PS3's.
Based on Microsoft and Sony's official numbers the PS3 is just shy of 23 million consoles currently. At the 2 1/2 year mark the 360 had only sold 19 million. The facts don't really support your claim. Consumers have decided.

Oh, wait. I know what you were doing. You were just focusing on PS3 sales from the last couple of months and thinking that somehow told the entire story. If you truly are that short sighted, you must have been wringing your hands with worry when the 360 was behind the PS3 by over a million consoles six months into last year.

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The Xbox Empire2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

lol 139$ to fix the 360?

This is more homemade then

militant072971d ago

when the NPD numbers comes out
i see this comments "with half price of ps3 still cant sell much" and those craps.

but when you compare cost" ps3 cost less than 360"

so which statment is true ?!

sunil2971d ago

a ps3 is less expensive than a fully featured 360.
A LOT of ppl want the bare minimum, which you can get with the 360 and not with the PS3.

FamilyGuy2971d ago

That's VERY true, I know a couple of people who NEVER go on live, have arcade models and are fine with simply buying HD games to play at home solo or with friends or family.

You don't need a HDD
You don't need Wifi
You don't need to play online.

It's literally built for and marketed to the "casual gamers"

Of course you won't find many arcade console owners in your 360 friends lists because of just that, they're casual and don't play online.