VGC E3 2009: Preview: Eyepet

VGC writes: "Eyepet, to put it simply, is Sony's latest game supporting the Playstation Eye. In essence, it's a pet simulator, though on the Playstation 3 it's a bit more in depth than most of what you've probably seen.

What you see on the screen, is you. Your TV shows what the Playstation Eye sees, which is pointed back at you. The game will add in certain "special effects" to the screen (like the pet itself) based on visual cues. To summon the Eyepet, you put a special card on the floor and tap it. Suddenly, on the screen, the Eyepet appears on the card."

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ThatCanadianGuy3247d ago

"Eyepet will be released for the Playstation 3 in Europe in October 2009, with an American release likely early next year"

In october THIS YEAR?? I was expecting this to hit mid-late 2010..
Looks like Sony beat microsoft to the punch if true.