Final Fantasy XIII: Is Lightning a Female Cloud Strife?

Word on the web is that FFXIII's Lightning was modeled after another series hero. Apparently, character designer Tetsuya Nomura was tasked to make a female version of FFVII's Cloud Strife. A Limit Break writer takes a look at this perplexing question.

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qface643305d ago

oh god hopefully not
cloud was really a bland and tasteless character he was just another one of your typical emo heroes just like in all jrpgs

iamtehpwn3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

and never played the original FFVII.

Cloud was a total mercenary who hauled ass at all costs.
He had a big breasted companion who he played "hard to get" with.
And only wanted cold hard cash for his work, and just happened to have good hair while doing it.

Well. At least until Aerith Died, and the mind Control, and the figuring out he wasn't really him. =\

heroicjanitor3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

I expect Lightning to hit people when they do something stupid, for comic effect and she'll do it with her eyes closed acting like he is an idiot. For the first half anyway, then she'll realise she likes him and he will sacrifice himself to save her with a smile on his face and the rest of the game will be fighting with his memory.

Or it will turn out she has cancer and is attacking the city to get chemo.

CaptainKratos3304d ago

FAAAK you ruined it!!!!for me.

MAiKU3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

well unfortunately this is true. This stuff is REALLY OLD like around the time the second trailer was released back when we thought the game would be released at this time, so i dunno why there is another article about it now.

He stated in a famitsu interview that he was told to try to make a female lead character with characteristics similar to cloud's personality.

But of course the two characters WILL be totally different. Cloud's attributes were only Tetsuya's basis for the character design and keep in mind lightning is like the final result of many tried character designs.

I'm pretty sure you could find his interview statements somewhere on ffinsider or khinsider.... it was the mag where he was asked to draw the mascot guy (wolf like dude).

lordgodalming3304d ago

The article's first paragraph says it all. Nomura has said before that Lightning is at least partially based on Cloud. This is not surprising, as FFVII is by far the most famous FF with the most spinoffs, etc. Not sure how this topic is "perplexing" if Nomura himself has said it's true. Mystery solved!

qface643304d ago

nah i played the original many times i have it on my psp still looking for an original copy that isn't over priced
i have had my hands on all of the FF7 compilations and now im kinda kinda bored with the FF7 universe

Killjoy30003304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

For me she definately seems to be one of the more enticing leads in a FF game. I think she will be great, especially when you consider the direction they're going in with this protagonist.

GameGambits3304d ago

*shrug* She seems more like a female version of Squall to me. Gunblade + the art style just fits the FF8 vibe for me.

Cheeseknight283304d ago

I agree. I never cared for Cloud, Zack was the better FF7 hero.

CaptainKratos3304d ago

j/k i passed this game while i was in the

TheReaper423304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

emo? ROFL. Far from it. Cloud and Sephiroth rocked the Final Fantasy world. Before them it was Cecil the dark knight who rocked it. If you do not understand how the storyline builds a char, then your IQ is pretty low. A heartless mercenary who killed for money, then started to love someone, then got confused with his past and who he is... uh yeah EMO?.. idiot. Americans look at his hair and automatically assume it's an EMO hair cut. Well NEWS FLASH, that's the hair of asian pop culture, not your typical emo American hair do. What you're gonna called the prince in FFXIII Versus emo too? I bet you will.

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ShinMaster3304d ago

I think since the first time her name was announced they said that she was going to be "like" a female Cloud.

Max Power3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

I like Lightning... Their main characters have been slowly (in my opinion) going down hill. While I will most likely get this game, I just wish they tried not to be so creative and just write a good story, not to say they haven't written good stories for the past games, they just seem to be stale.

Baba19063304d ago

i just hope the game has enough story and detail as 7. cloud was awesome so thats a good thing.

chidori6663304d ago

is shemale of cloud... :P

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