Xbox 360 Exclusives to Look Forward to This Year

Tech2 has posted a feature looking at the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive releases this year. Let's take a look at what 2009 has in store for 360 owners.

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Chris3993304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

I would give it an honorable mention. Downloaded the trailers from my Japanese Live account today. If you haven't seen them yet, check them out:

It reminds me of Lost Odyssey with a dash of SO: 4 thrown in; I'll be picking it up for sure.

Edit: @ Kareshi_X. Pretty sure it's due fall of this year. NB is publishing it and there's already an English trailer floating around somewhere (could be on the page that I linked). The dub/ voice acting is surprisingly decent too. Cheers.

Kareshi_X3304d ago

I agree.
lets hope It gets an English release this year.

kissmeimgreek3304d ago

im not to familiar with it. does it play like FF and SO? hmm sounds interesting.

wanderofys3304d ago

I hope it's better than the first Magna Carta. That game was horrible.

Rob0g0rilla3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

But the battle system looks pretty good in that game. It looks like it has some battle elements from SO4, which I heard has a fun battle system, but was lacking in the voice acting department. Also, I wouldn't push this game to the side because the first one might of sucked. That's not the best excuse to ignore a game.

3304d ago
RememberThe3573304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Those guys are idiots. And they have the nerve to cal call out the author...

How hard is it to understand that L4D2, Conviction, and ME2 are not exclusive. The same going to games like The Agency and DC Universe: They are not exclusive. The list was about upcoming 360 exclusives not Microsoft exclusives.

Chris3993304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Magna Carta 2 appears to be one of the most polished JRPGs this gen. It's nothing like the original (which was a 2002 PC port to start with; whereas this was built from scratch).

My self-esteem isn't so fragile that I am threatened by games on a console that is not of my choice. People seriously need to grown up around here.

To each their own, I suppose. Oh well, I'm off to play a little Demon's Souls or perhaps finish off Blue Dragon (had that one sitting on my shelf for over a year now). Being a multi console owner, I have a variety of choices. Being a brand loyalist gets you nowhere in life. Have fun investing your emotions into faceless corporations that have utterly no concern for your welfare and solely for your cash.

I'll be playing games.

Kushan3304d ago

Back in my day, a "console exclusive" was still pretty exclusive.

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La Chance3304d ago

its crazy he "forgot" a lot of games, and the first paragraph of his article fails real hard.

JokesOnYou3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

No matter how you want to label 360/PC games the fact is they are NOT on ps3. Console gaming is much bigger than PC gaming so in reality 360/PC games still push the 360 just like a true exclusive does....that's why 360/PC games still outsell many exclusives found only on ps3, we know games sell hardware and with 360 outselling ps3 in two major territories like the US and UK, plus a couple smaller markets like Australia even with having a lot games being available on PC its obvious that its been a successful strategy by micro. I'm sure micro is pleased to make a few extra dollars off of pc/ps3 owners who don't own a 360 the same time it only increases the popularity of 360 games. If you look at the healthy 360 hardware/software sales its plain to see that the ps3/pc owners who are excited about the pc version of 360 games is a plus for pc, 360 and and since most gamers don't have unlimited funds that's money not spent on a sony platform game/brand/content.


FamilyGuy3304d ago

This pair of articles are really screwed up. i can kinda understand this one because pc releases stop some game from being exclusive, im sure theres others though. The PS3 list is worse though because he mentions games that are not coming out this year.

Clubptxxx3304d ago

"Did anyone actually look at the media that I linked? Or are we all just spam clicking "disagree"? :)"

"My self-esteem isn't so fragile that I am threatened by games on a console that is not of my choice. People seriously need to grown up around here."

No but it's fragile enough to get butthurt over being disagreed with.

Being a PS3 owner, having changed over from Xbox, I can say that I no longer give a crap because I buy games for my PC now. Sure games come out that I want, and sometimes they get bought. But most of the time I just play Team Fortress 2 or Fallout 3 on my computer. These lists are dumb is the takeaway here people.

Tarasque3304d ago

Yeah "Console exclusive" means console exclusive, unless fanboys are saying PC's are consoles now. I mean seriously get it for the 360 or get it for the PC money still goes to MS.

raztad3304d ago

Console exclusiviness is a non-sensical concept and it defeats the whole exclusiveness idea. Exclusive is something you CANT find elsewhere. Look at KZ2, inFAMOUS, Halo:ODST. Those are exclusives.

If some games like L4D and now L4D2 run on PC they are not exclusives in any way. I can play them without a 360. I think the idea of exclusiviness is force the custumer to buy certain console cause he/she cant play that game anywhere else. For example FFXIV, Conviction, Alan Wake aren exclusives either.

Please dont come with PC prices as an argument. A medium spec PC is pretty cheap by now and you can run games like Gears better than on 360, btw everybody has a decent PC nowadays.

La Chance3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

"Please dont come with PC prices as an argument. A medium spec PC is pretty cheap by now and you can run games like Gears better than on 360, btw everybody has a decent PC nowadays."

You're lieing, it costs expensive to have a PC that can run a game like Splinter Cell Conviction for instance.
And 90% of people have a decent PC that allows them to surf on the net, use Office etc easily. NOT to play videogames like you play on your console.

It costs the more than the price of a 360 Premium every couple of years to keep games running on a PC.

So just cut all that nonsense already, aaallright!

pippoppow3304d ago

Finally a web site who knows the meaning of exclusive. A game you can only play on one certain platform only. This means you have to buy a certain gaming platform to play an exclusive game. Just like how ff14, the agency and dc universe is not exclusive due to being able to play those games also on a PC. The 360 diehard fans seem to feel so hurt that alot of the best games are also on a PC meaning it is not exclusive. Funny how the MS worshippers cling to the idea that PC gaming is too expensive for everyone while it it just may be too expensive for them. You being unable to afford a gaming rig for around $700 doesn't equate everyone else. I have a PS3 and agaming PC so that means I'll be enjoying the best exclusive PS games as well as superior versions of PC games that will also be on the 360 like ME2, SC: conviction and Alan Wake. Go cry on another 360 fans shoulders that the 360 hardly has any exclusive or games that are currently exclusive which will most likely show up a year later on the PS3. If a web site claims a game is exclusive when it is not then it is false advertising as people may feel like they have to buy a certain platform to enjoy the game when it isn't the case. Good job Tech2.

JokesOnYou3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

A decent PC that will allow you to run 360/PC games on high settings is more expensive than a 360 or ps3....and consequently by PAYING MORE than the cost of a 360 you STILL can't play ALL of the best 360 exclusives, so unless you're a diehard PC only gamer -OR- a ps brand loyalists who'd rather spend more cash for a pc vs buying a 360 then its a easy choice for most gamers looking to play 360 games....which is again why 360 sales are unaffected because the vast majority of people who want past, current, and future 360/PC games will walk in the store and just buy the "cheaper" 360, and the type of ps fans who would rather spend more on a pc, + future upgrades vs buying a 360 are really an INSIGNIFICANT PERCENTAGE of gamers....this thinking only ADDS to micro's overall profits IRONICALLY from those who for whatever reason don't want to buy a 360. A win for pc, a win for 360, a DOUBLE win for micro, and IF pc/ps3 owners don't mind the extra cash spent on their gaming rig its a win for them too. Yeah everybody WINS!...err, except sony in this case.


slopeseeker3304d ago

I consider myself a pc gamer more than a console gamer but I also own a 360 and ps3 for titles that don't come to pc. I do a minor upgrade to my pc about every 1 to 1.5 years and I do a major upgrade about every 2.5 to 3 years. A minor upgrade could be more RAM, moving up to the fastest processor my mobo can support, changing out a video card or upgrading/adding a hard drive. A major upgrade means a new Motherboard/processor/RAM which may force you to a new power supply aswell. Doing this I spend about $400 a year on my gaming rig just to keep it current. I NEVER buy the latest greatest processor and videocard either. Add maybe another $200-250 per year if you want to always be running a high end rig. Considering that you still can't play all the 360 exclusives and that the 360 can be had for as little as $200 I find it REALLY hard to believe that anyone could make an argument for not buying a 360. Actually, I can't see anyone making an argument for not buying the ps3 either if they are a pc gamer. Besides, buying the pc version of a game that's not on the ps3 only helps ms secure console exclusives since the people that would normally be demanding a version for ps3 just bought it on the pc instead. That way the dev looses fewer sales even though they didn't bother with a ps3 version and beleive me, ms makes this point when they are trying to secure a console exclusive.

wanderofys3304d ago

No no no, you misunderstand. I ACTUALLY hope it's better than the first one. I own a 360, I'd like to pick it up if it's any good. I'm just hoping they improve upon the first, because it wasn't good.

ObviousTruth3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

they are console exclusives. the fact that they are coming to windows as well is because MS can make more money and so can the developer. i'm sure when a company is deciding to go exclusive, it's a pretty big bonus to know they can also release for PC.

i don't see why the sony-only crew acts like this is a one-up in their favor. pretty silly.

if sony had its own OS, you can be sure most of its exclusives would be going to PC as well. it's just business.

here's the argument sony fanboys love to make: "i have a ps3 and a pc, so i don't need a 360." fine, that's mostly true. that doesn't make the 360 a bad system. and 360 fanboys love to say "3rd party titles are better on 360, and if you don't have a pc or ps3, then we get just as many good exclusives (from a console perspective)." fine, also mostly true.
I have a ps3 and a 360 and a pc so i have access to everything. so i guess i'm a me fanboy cuz i get to play more games than 360 or sony fanboys. i am declaring myself the official winner of the console war. grats me!

JokesOnYou3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

"Considering that you still can't play all the 360 exclusives and that the 360 can be had for as little as $200 I find it REALLY hard to believe that anyone could make an argument for not buying a 360."

-You nailed it right there, I mean its fine if thats how any gamer wants to spend their money, I don't have a problem with it at all but some say as if their EXPECTING A PRIZE for spending MORE MONEY to have the ability to play ONLY a portion of 360 games. I think its only fair when pc or pc/ps3 gamers remind us that their getting the "teh better" pc version that console gamers remind them that pc gamers also on avg spend 3 or 4 times as much compared to the cost of the most expensive 360....and as you noted in the end the pc software sales tranlate to more profits for micro and a bargaining chip for micro with devs. -lol I guess that should only matter to you if you work for sony or you're a diehard sony fan, really its a great strategy on micro's part...and whats weird is although 360 games news gets alot of attention from so many pc/ps3 gamers, the PC gaming news section is usually empty on this site. I can't quite put my finger on WHY that is...hmmm?


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kissmeimgreek3304d ago

just wanted to point out ME2 is still exclusive to MS platforms (360 and PC). lost planet was only a timed exclusive and dead rising was only on 360 and not PS3 cuz i dont think it was out yet but im not sure.

Kamikaze1353304d ago

Anyway, this is looking like a great year for all consoles and even handhelds. Even the Wii is gaining some ground through the eyes of the hardcore gamer. I just hope there are still surprises in store =D

poopsack3304d ago

i wanted to point out that your comment wasnt really needed in any way, unless u need constant reassurance that u have MS platform exclusives.. ehh

Obama3304d ago

No Dead Rising 2 is confirmed to be multi-platform.

theEnemy3304d ago

Dead Rising 2 is coming to the PS3 aswell.

3304d ago
ShabzS3304d ago

dead rising 1 is going to remain on 360 .... dead rising 2 is coming to all platforms ... maybe even the pc ... personally thats the game i'm looking forward to this year ..... the first dead rising was really next gen in terms of gameplay and style.. it was just super fun.. i must have clocked in 20 odd hours playing it on my 360

kissmeimgreek3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

you guys are stupoid. i never mentioned DR2 all i said was that DR wasnt really exclusive as the it was developed before the ps3 was on the market. oh and i support al consoles. im not a fanboy.

@knavex. im not trying to reassure my self of anything. all im trying to do is clear up what confused me in the article for others.

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HarukoHex3304d ago

while most of these are not 360 exclusives I do love how many games are now coming out.

*my pre-order list so far, most about 30-40 dollars already paid*
splinter cell - conviction
Forza 3
Dirt 2
Battlefield BC 2
Operation flashpoint
assasins creed 2
halo 3 ODST

yes i spend alot of money on games, last fall i spent close to 600 bucks on games. XD

Killjoy30003304d ago

I'm spending $60 on Dirt 2 and Forza 3 with ten times the ammount of content of both combined. It's called Gran Turismo 5!!

This is no attack. You have a great list and I'm poking fun with my GT5 comment so just game on man.

-MD-3304d ago

I'll be playing every one of those game right along with you.


ya, but killjoy..

by the time GT5 comes out, he would have played both those games and finished them over and over.

I won't comment on the content stuff, but more content does not always equal more fun. I played prologue and didn't think much of it at all. the car models looked impressive and that was about it.

for someone who has both systems, i will be playing shift and forza 3 and by the time gt5 is out i will have had my fill of racers anyway.

Kamikaze1353304d ago

Street Fighter IV
Resident Evil 5
Killzone 2
Demon's Soul (fall)
Uncharted 2 (fall)
Left 4 Dead 2 (fall)
Assassin's Creed 2 (fall)
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
King of Fighters XII
Fat Princess
Mass Effect 2
Gran Turismo 5 (may release this fall)
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
Last Rebellion
Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time
New Super Mario Bros Wii

w000t!! Then there's early 2010...

White Knight Chronicles
Final Fantasy XIII and Vs XIII along with XIV later in the year
God of War III
Alan Wake
Heavy Rain
New Wipeout game
Pokemon Gold/Silver
Golden Sun
NIS titles =D

The Xbox Empire3304d ago

You left out Star Ocean 4, Ninja Blade, GTA: Ballad of Tony Gay, GTA: Lost and Damned, Halo Wars, Halo ODST, Forza 3, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Magna Carta 2, Shadow Complex(but included Fat Princess)

If you feel the need to justify your PS3 purchase, please do it in a PS3 article.

HarukoHex3304d ago

you know ive been wondering. where is our Kingdom hearts 3 announcement at. I've been waiting to hear about it for so long.

Dread3304d ago

@xbox empire

i do not think he was doing that..

the list is balanced with exclusives from all platforms and multi. plat.


The Xbox Empire3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Dread did you even read it?

He put every game under the sun for PS3 including downloads and even GT5 which has no release date lol and for 360 named L4D2 for 2009 and Alan Wake. Not too balanced considering he named a bunch of PS3 games(that I care nothing about in a Xbox 360 article)... some multiplats and 2 360 games. lol

Rob0g0rilla3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

His list consist of 360 exclusives and PS3 exclusives(and some multiplat), regardless of how many there are of each it's a fact. Because he didn't mention those games YOU are looking forward to you gotta get all butt hurt and tell him to do it in a PS3 article. Could you at least pretend your a gamer for one article? There's nothing wrong with it, for all we know he could be playing all those multiplats on 360 if it makes you feel better lol.

hulk_bash19873304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Kind of defensive there. Haha i think he was listing games he was excited about. I wouldn't list games that weren't on my radar regardless of their critical success or acclaim because they dont appeal to me. Like Elder Scrolls Oblivion, Fallout 3, The Orange Box (excluding Portal), these may be great games but because they dont appeal to me they aren't on my "best of (insert yr)".

whothedog3304d ago

I didn't know you could be wrong about a list of games you are excited for.

If your excited for one, you better be excited for them all or Xbox Empire will call you out.

Dread3304d ago


trust me i am a 360 fan..

i am just trying to be fair here.. lets lower our guard for a sec.


The Xbox Empire3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Ok I'm sorry if I took it the wrong way, I just thought it was another PS3 fanboy naming a bunch of PS3 games and purposely being fanboyish and trying to justify owning the PS3 when this is a Xbox 360 article. We see PS3 fanboys do stuff like that everywhere, I didn't meaning anything bad.

If not, I really didn't try to be mean. Sorry. Both PS3 and 360 have a bunch of great games, that was my point.

Dread3304d ago


we cool.. i hear that



thereapersson3304d ago

If that doesn't prove people like hitting the disagree button like cowards, I don't know what does

Kamikaze1353304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Uhhhh....I did include 360 games. Haha, believe me, I love both of my consoles (360 and PS3). I just listed the games across all platforms that interest me. I'm sure both of our interests vary. Oh and I almost forgot about Shadow Complex. I can't wait for this one! It reminds me the SNES Metriod games...which are missed in this day and age =(

3304d ago
The Master Chief3304d ago

I suppose thats Nasim. No one believes your lies and opinions, sorry buddy.

Reported as Spam.

BLaZiN PRopHeT3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Rare has over 400 employees. 4 internal studios 1 handheld studio and a XBL team.

Lionhead is over 150 people Turn 10 is over 150 people, and they are all growing.

MS is also developing a natal studio.

on top of Spawn point, The halo Team and a couple others.

They might not have as many studios as sony but the studios aren't small.

El Botto3304d ago

Rare had around 200 employees last year before the big lay off.

MS fired around 50% of Rare at the beginning of this year. What can I say, credit crunch PWNS!

So how bout you stop spewing your lies, kid.

How bout you stop kidding yourself there, kid. Even at 200 employees, a company is considered "small time company"

That list of inhouse studios is pathetic to say the least.

FamilyGuy3304d ago

LOL, well at least his name fits cause he's killing himself with a list like that in a 360 article.
He named a few 360 games but i got to take The Xbox Empire's side on this one. There's a perfectly similar topic for PS3 (favoring) gamers so why post a PS3 heavy wish list here?

His taste are his taste, he just chose the wrong place to post them and what's the point of posting a list like that anyway? Attach them to your "wish list and people can visit that if they have any interest in knowing what games you're looking forward to.

bjornbear3304d ago

...why do we have to have lists? Just pull out a ruler already and get it over with....geez.

ObviousTruth3304d ago

why is it that every forum needs to have a least 2-3 ppl that list all the games they're looking forward to? i assume we all spend a fair amount of time on n4g. we know what's coming out and what's out now. we don't need an edited list based on what YOU think are great games.

just say "it's a good year for gaming" if you feel the need to be cliche, and leave it at that.


@ The Xbox Empire

i love the 360 and all , but i would scratch Ninja blade off that list. its just my opinion, but that game was so bad i don't think its worth mentioning as a 360 exclusive.

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The Xbox Empire3304d ago

I really want Shadow Complex, Halo ODST and then the 2 GTA Expansions, I never got to try Lost and Damned. And Forza 3 FTW!

Killjoy30003304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

GTA IV is just so cashed to me. In your personal opinion is Lost and Damned worth $20? Seems kind of pricey.

Edit - 30??? Wow that's way over the line. 12 hours is not a GTA title.

The Xbox Empire3304d ago

Its 30$ for 30 hours or more of new stroy, locations, characters, weapons, multiplayer modes vehicles.

Its basically a full new GTA game with 2 seperate stories for 30$, I would say its very worth it. Its a ton of content.

El Botto3304d ago

More exaggerated claims from clear fanboys. People have cleared the game in 5 hours. So lets say if you are the one to take things slowly, the expansion will probably take no more than 10 hours then.

30 hours is only possible if you like riding around in circles in Liberty City for 20 hours straight. Rofl, I have better things to do in real life than that crap.

Like people claiming "but, but, but Mass effect easily takes 100 hours"

Uh no it doesnt. Unless you like to visit every planet, which all look the same and are all barren wastelands. So basically they made one planet, then "copy and pasted 30 of that planet" and then they tell you that they created a living galaxy.

Wow reality is that you are only going to bother doing that unless you have nothing to do in real life,

The Master Chief3304d ago

The Lost and the Damned + The Ballad of Gay Tony = New stroy, new vehicles, multiplater, weapons, achievements = 30$ = 30 hours of gameplay(much more with the new multiplayer also) = Cry MOAR Nasim!!!!

DARK WITNESS3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

@ El Botto

ok, while i would say i don't like the tone of your comment ( because it sounds like its coming from a sony fan looking to bash ) I have to be honest and say i agree with your points.

i loved lost and Damned, but it was not 30 hours of game play. It was still fun and i liked the story more then nikos, but it was not 30 hrs worth of game play.

on Mass Effect i agree. I know everyone else loves it, but i guess i am one of the few people that was a disappointed with it. I remember them talking about how big it was going to be and how you will have all these different places to go and explore. when i got round to exploring though it really did feel like a cut and paste job. All the planets had the same square block to move around in, they all had the same one or two bits of junk to get one stupid upgrade to your weapon or suite. they all had the same underground bunker which all had the same 2 layouts. You would select a planet and it would give you some great sounding history about some lost civilization, so you would expect to be able to go down and find some interesting stuff but no you could not. then the planets you could explore were just barren wastelands. I found some of the dialog quite funny as well.

I finished it twice on normal just to see the good and bad endings,tried to finish it again,but got too tired of it.

it was still ok, but i really expected more from it i guess. before i played it, it was my most looked forward to new IP this gen.

I am still looking forward to ME2, but i was more disappointed then i was impressed with ME1.

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