Kids Steal Wii, Mom Arrested After Pawning It

After arresting three kids for stealing a neighbor's Nintendo Wii, police are now trying to figure out what to do with their mom, 41 year-old Maxine Law, who reportedly helped the children sell the system to a local pawn shop.

According to WFTV, the state's attorney's office could charge Law with the one-two punch of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and dealing in stolen goods.

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Kareshi_X2969d ago

nice Story!

this isnt news.

These kids are lame Robbers.

how you gon rob your neighboor and get caught?

stick to playing video games and going to school

leave the Criminal Acts to the Real G's

be easy.

gamesR4fun2968d ago

super kids let mom go pawn it for sum crack...

messed up kids messed up parents more often than not.

Carl14122968d ago

Moral of the story: Don't get caught.

Natsu X FairyTail2968d ago

We robbed my Local EBGames a few years back and never got caught.

these kids need trainning.

SinnedNogara2968d ago

Wait, isn't the mom's name Maxim Law?? Ironic isn't it?

Only in America.

ChickeyCantor2968d ago

Don't think you are being a bit ironic?
I mean if you commit a crime, you don't share it in public.
You both need training.

madpuppy2968d ago

did the kids steal the kitchen garbage with the Wii as well.. :P

Snake Raiser2968d ago

You would think that the kids would pawn it off themselves if they were willing to steal it themselves in the first place.

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Pandamobile2968d ago

Kids these days...

At least steal something worth something.

gamesR4fun2968d ago

more like parents these days

im wth was she doing pawning it for em 2 boot

Snake Raiser2968d ago

Here is a fine example of a time when the only good people in an equation are the ones who had the game console. See? Gamers are the good guys.

MetalGearBear 2968d ago

why stupid kids stole neighbor's wii?
wii is $200!!!! fool.

Snake Raiser2968d ago

I wouldn't mind 200 dollars, would you?

meatnormous2968d ago

If someone stole my wii, I wouldn't notice right away. Its been in a closet now for 9 months.

ChickeyCantor2968d ago

You wouldn't mind your baby being stolen?
after 9 months...o man.

GameGambits2968d ago

You know in the ghetto drug world 1 Nintendo Wii = 3 days of Meth.

Now THAT is a STEAL! :D

bjornbear2968d ago

Nintendo must have been traumatised =( xD

Hhahahaha...thats how they selling by the millions...i new there was a trick somewhere =P

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