Happy 4th of July from Turn 10! New Forza 3 screens

Che from Turn 10 studios posted 3 new screenshots of their upcoming racing simulator Forza Motorsport 3 to celebrate the 4th of July.

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I did not murder him3157d ago

I just posted the last pic in the story posted a few hours ago on N4G. The two top pics are very new, they must be not even a hour old because they were not on the Forza site an hour ago and now they are. Even the first story posted today here on N4G was posted before the last pic in this Neogaf link.

Point being will there be more pics in the next hour? and if so can we just wait until we know for sure they're done posting them lol.

La Chance3156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

I think Ive just become a car sim fan with Forza 3

Tarasque3156d ago

While i am sure the game will be awesome, but i hate bullshots like this that is retouched so many times they look fake.

LazyDevs3156d ago

I agree Tarasque. When i seen them i said to myself wonder if they could touch these up anymore than they already are.

hakis863156d ago

They posted 3 new screens to celebrate 4th of July?

No they should have released a new trailer IMO. That would at least be a little bit 'wow', not just 3 lame screens on the 4th of july :--(

Boody-Bandit3156d ago

Get a force feedback wheel and you will be a sim fan for life. I love all racing games but IMHO nothing plays better then a sim racer on a good wheel. I play the GT series on a Logitech G25 but it wont work on the 360 so I just ordered the Fanatec Porsche 911 S and a new c0ckpit from Fanatec as well. I can't wait to get this set for when Forza 3 hits retail.

I might pick Forza 2 back up just to get use to the wheel and get reacquainted with the Forza series.

lokin3156d ago

turn 10 looks as though they feel very confident in forza 3, and they should, this is looking very good indeed.... can't wait for tomorrow for a few more shots!

Dareaver13156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

why is that so hard to believe. These are most likely taken from the photomode. Which i see no problem in using that because it will be in the game and the gamers can have their pics look that good. So please stop trying to sway people by saying they are bullshots, when they are not.

Same for GT, if they use their photomode shots, then i'm fine with that because it's ingame and not misrepresenting the game. As long as the gamer can get that same kind of gameplay and results, then there is no problem with it.

See, the problem is, many of you are PS3 fans and fans of GT who have never really played forza. If you check out the Forza 2 part of website, you would see a lot of gamer pics that look amazing and it's all ingame photomode shots.

So as long as the gamer can do the same stuff, then i have no problem with the developer using that mode. I've taken pictures of my cars and they look awesome on the site. So please stop with all the misplaced negativity.

I've attached some pics from Forza 2 by a gamer known as "goingtoooofast", that's his gamertag. And he used photomode and that's how his pics came out. So, see what i mean, as long as the game is using ingame assets and nothing retouched then it's totally fine with me. I hope that explains where i'm coming from.

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Kareshi_X3157d ago

Only Persons with the most Ridiculous Brains can say These are Lame.

I did not murder him3157d ago

No kidding I left my PC showing the top screenshot, went out back grabbed a beer and drank it, came back in looked at my PC and was amazed when entering the room seeing that screenshot on my 25" PC screen (in 720p from the forza site.)

redbadger3156d ago

It seems that GT prologue has a slight advantage over the graphics versus forza. Not much but u can tell a difference. I do however, give forza some props standing up to the king of racers.

Marquis_de_Sade3156d ago

I think I will wait to see both in motion on my HDTV before passing judgement.

La Chance3156d ago

GT = king on PS ; Forza = King on XBOX

Now please, nobody right now cares about GT5P ok ?!


Fleet Fox3156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

"give forza some props standing up to the king of racers."

Forza has beaten "the king of racers" in reviews every since it became a franchise. In the real world GT was dethroned back in 2004.

Also, Forza 3 looks just as good, if not better than GT5. And will definitely have more and better features/better physics.

Strikepackage Bravo3156d ago

GT5 is definitely the O.G. on the scene, but anything we have seen of GT5 was most likely CGI so far. It's probably safe to say GT5 will look a lot like GT5 prologue. When you compare GT5 prologue and Forza3, at best they are equal in appearance, at worse depending on the screenshot, Forza3 looks superior.

I think GT5 will be a solid equal to Forza3 when it comes out, and that is only in graphics. Gameplay I think will go to Forza.

ultimolu3156d ago

Don't mention GT5P. This is how flame wars start. Forza looks very nice too.

PS360PCROCKS3156d ago

NOBODY CARES!!!! Leave!!!

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Strikepackage Bravo3156d ago

It's like it looks better with every screenshot they release.This is so a day one purchase, when you consider all the work and details that go into this series, it's not even hard to justify the $60 cost. I can't afford not to get this masterpiece.