One-handed Xbox 360 controller from Ben Heck

Ben Heck continues to amaze with his creations and his imagination. Now he has created a one-handed Xbox 360 controller. Ben built the modified controller for a serviceman that got injured in Iraq. Hit the jump for a more detailed description.

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JamShady3893d ago

This was news months ago?


closedxxx3893d ago

This was pretty cool... 6 months ago

Krimson3893d ago

This news is as reptitive as my comment pointing out that it's old news.

GameOn3893d ago

This must make half of all one armed gamers very happy indeed.

BIadestarX3892d ago

Are they planning to make porno games for the 360?

Extra Guy3892d ago

Now that would be useful. I mean i would buy it as a present...for somebody else of course...