Blockbuster's Top Ten Selling New Video Games Includes... Haze?

Kotaku writes: "Maybe it's because I don't really read newspapers anymore. Maybe it's that I just never noticed it. But I didn't realize that like the New York Times, Blockbuster has gotten into the bestsellers business.

Leafing through the (New Orleans) Times-Picayune this morning I stumbled across a page dedicated to video games. The Game Dork page included a review of Tiger Woods PGA Tour '10, a used game of the week, a new and coming soon section and a list of the Top 10 best-selling new games, as tracked by Blockbuster."

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Raoh3159d ago

haze wasnt terrible. it played well. looked good. etc.. what was wrong with haze was that it was late. so late that by the time it came out it felt outdated.

IrishRepublicanArmy3159d ago

and sold it before the online worked properly!!
also releasing after cod4 uncharted halo and ratched tools of destruction help make it feel outdated. my opinion.
btw its sold over 750,000 and still counting. a sucess for a lackluster game!

table3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

If haze was on the ps2 it would have been loved by many but it just didn't cut it by todays standards. If it's one thing Free Radical always did right however, it was the shooting mechanics. I love the way the guns shoot in haze, similar in style to the timesplitters games which were underrated last gen.

I was seriously looking forward to Timesplitters4. One can dream...

rockleex3158d ago

They should have taken the much safer and guaranteed route with Timesplitters.

I loved Timesplitters on the PS2. Imagine 4 player splitscreen online/LAN with Timesplitters on the PS3!! O_O

STK0263158d ago

Haze is not a great game, however, these days you can get it for like 5 to 15$, easily worth it in my opinion.

EpicGamerSwordsman3158d ago

Haze Wasn't that bad, Gameplay was good, Graphics are decent & Multiplayer was fun. I mean a 4 out of 10, I thought it deserved a 6/7 at least!

FamilyGuy3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

A lot of you seem to be having memory issues.
Haze sold so well because it was hyped to he11 and back, it was one of the most advertised and talked about games on the PS3 before it was released. It sold well because it was marketed well and it's as simple as that.

I was considering purchase of this game before it came out (and im not even a fan of the genre) but once the demo was released and i played it i knew it wasn't for me. I actually liked the demo too, i just sucked at the game so i figured, "why buy a game that's gonna frustrate me?"


Before, I was just saying why Haze sold well for something ill received by reviewers. On the topic of the list itself, I'd say it was an accident, Those are all "new" games, Haze isn't new so someone made a mistaking in placing it there unless it was just recently released in some other country where this article was posted.

IdleLeeSiuLung3158d ago

This game hit the bargain bin so fast.

I ended up buying two copies of Haze for $10 each to play co-op with my brother. Frankly it was worth less than $10 in my book.

ThanatosDMC3158d ago

Haze was ok... but when it came out we've seen a lot of games that have done better... not to mention the textures sucked, the guns look like toys, etc.

SinnedNogara3158d ago

it was bad, all of you should read my review.

wait, i rented that game twice for my review........

butterfinger3158d ago

You are completely wrong about Haze. Sony hasn't marketed ANY games well this gen, and Haze is definitely no exception. Even if the game was marketed well, it only sold a little over 100k it's first month, so it's clear that the bargain bin prices are what is driving it's sales. It was marked down so incredibly fast, it is no surprise that it's moved a lot of copies in a popular genre. Also, when they are referring to "new video games" at Blockbuster, they are just referring to games that aren't pre-owned, so Haze is perfectly fine on this list.

BWS19823158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

but not unplayable. It wasn't broken, and it wasn't so absurdly bad you couldn't finish it (unless you have unusually high standards or dislike shooters). At least that's my opinion. It was a bit too linear, it had horrid voice acting, awful AI, and it had an average story at best. Guess what, it would have fit in better 5-8 years ago. The problem is it was an exclusive in 2008, so expectations are going to be higher, not to mention it was a Free Radical game....The potential was there, the concept was actually sound, it was simply not well executed in the finished product. I'd give it a 6.5 to 7 total....I'd even go so far as to say that if Free Radical (now with Crytek) took the game and revamped it and re-released it with revamped open levels, remarkable graphics (which FR should be capable of, especially with CryEngine 3), got better actors, redid the story, and did polishing here and there (more weapons, better AI, more replayability, more MP options/maps)....then it'd have a nice shot at being a "good" game instead of passable or "meh"....

I thought I read an article that had some of the FR devs venting about being pushed to finish the game before they thought it was ready, or letting it go in a direction they didn't want it to go. Ubisoft was there Pub. so I don't know the truth, but last summer I could have sworn I read an article along those lines...

BWS19823158d ago

but I want to clarify Haze was an alright game, it just had more potential and personally, I'd be excited to hear about a "remake" of sorts, sort of how they did with Alone in the Dark: Inferno or The Witcher: Enhanced Edition....they took the original, tinkered and polished it up. I paid $30 for Haze actually, at Walmart last fall, and don't regret it. I just know how good FR is and what they are capable of, I still would like to know how many of the dev's wanted more time on it, and what kind of pressure Ubi was putting on them, if any, because the game was decent, but it wasn't Timesplitters caliber, which makes me curious.

FamilyGuy3158d ago

Thanks for explaining he "new" status of this game at blockbuster, that clears that problem.

Whether you remember it or were subject to it or not is not my concern, I, PERSONALLY, saw a TON of commercials for this game, He was always drinking "juice" and i saw it multiple times daily on whatever channel i was watching.

BUT, the mark-down effect absolutely was the reason for it's sales. Just look at what happened when Valkeria chronicles price went down.

Yeah, so marketing wasn't the cause for its sales but there WAS a lot of marketing, from the commercials to seeing that yellow helmet on city buses and bus stop benches.

da720izcumin3158d ago

people are still trying to justify haze's existence...
i remember back then, N4G was full of articles titled as such "will haze be the new halo killer?" or my favorite "haze, surely GOTY!"

lol, good times...

SinnedNogara3152d ago

Who disagreed with my comment??

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Wonderfulwest3159d ago

Good to see Ghostbusters has done well. even though we europeans had to import it lol

IrishRepublicanArmy3159d ago

and most xbox owners wudnt know it was region free.

TheDarkCynic3159d ago

Haze is what happens when a studio with huge promise and success forgets what made them so good.

Ziriux3159d ago

I cant believe Haze is even up there, what kind of crap is that.

MGOelite3159d ago

haze got slated way too much by reviews its not AAA but about 8/10 or 7/10 not 4/10, gotta admit 4 player co-op was great

IrishRepublicanArmy3159d ago

i cudnt get into any games when i got it so i sold it and played cod4 resistance gta4 and mgs4 online

Ziriux3159d ago

Yea that's probably the most appealing feature of the whole game.