Wii sales Surpass DS, PS2 Next on the Adjenda?

As if we couldn't put the Wii launch any higher on the success-o-meter, here comes this piece of surprising news: total Wii sales are now officially larger than DS's, with the former kicking 2,097,288 units out the factory gates to the latter's 1,994,478 after 19 weeks after launch.

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Grown Folks Talk4260d ago

be buying them as soon as they hit the shelf because i haven't seen 1 at a store for months. thinking about trading mine in towards a PS3. don't like the controls of most of the games. at least with the PS3 it appears you have the option to turn off motion control. plus i'm sure there will be more PS3 exclusives i'll like compared to wii.

Grown Folks Talk4260d ago

when there is absolutely nothing to disagree with.

ItsDubC4260d ago

lol, maybe someone knows you well enough to be sure that you'll in fact like the upcoming Wii exclusives more?

frenchy644260d ago

Imagine what will happen when they become readily availiable...scary thought.

PS360WII4260d ago

The Wii can leave some a bit wanting. I don't have that prob for I have the 3 so I can switch to either or before I CAN get bored of one console ^^. IMO PS3 is the one that'll be the good system to have. The games coming for it are pretty good looking have a wider range of variety than the 360. The only downfall is you have to wait for them.
My sugestion is try and find a way to have the PS3 AND keep the Wii. It's nice to have 2 so you can juggle between them so you don't feel like waiting till the next game comes out.

Unbelivable the selling power of the Wii though huh?

Shaka2K64260d ago

Its just the cool trend this days but it will quickly fade away...

Robert223884260d ago

114 million? Perhaps, but it took PS2 6+ years to reach that goal.

I've said it before though, I don't think the Wii has the same long lasting appeal that the PS2 did(does).

Its just a phase.

More power to the Wii though, I own one, just wish there was something other than Twilight Princess worth playing.

I really hope they dont take the gamecube route and alienate third party developers again, so for this seems to be the case.

frenchy644260d ago

I own a Wii, and it's really a very sad truth: there are no games!!

It's good to see some devs getting up off their collective asses to get their games on it soon, after they realised how popular it is.

Please, oh please, just release them soon.

r10004260d ago

I'm on the same boat as you guys...

Although I recently bought super paper mario... that's a fun little game. If you like the side scrolling of the original mario brothers on NES and like puzzles you will like this game...

Check it out..

But after I beat this game I see know game in the near near future that I may want to get.. until Resident Evil and Super paper Mario Galaxy...

frenchy644260d ago

Galaxy and RE4 are keeping me faithful, both really do look awesome!

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