EA Sneak In-Game Advertising Into Fight Night 4

Fans of Fight Night Round 4 have found today that EA has sneaked in some fairly invasive in-game advertising into the game a week after it's release.

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IrishRepublicanArmy3158d ago

for the ea sports golf space and kart space. i dont mind them in home as all they do is ad a little colour to the place and show that people are taking home seriously!!

FamilyGuy3158d ago

I wonder if these ads are in the game period or only when you play online? I ask because if they're only while online then they are probably update-able, like once that movie gets old a new ad will takes it's place. it's be weird to put the game in two years from now and see a really old movie ad...

EA said they were going to do stuff like this a while back though, didn't think it would be so in-your-face/invasive though.

Mindboggle3158d ago

Hey who used my picture without asking !!! Thats not

wbouler3158d ago

this is my first post so don't judge but whats wrong with in-game advertising

poindat3158d ago

There's nothing wrong if it is done realistically, i.e. billboards in Burnout Paradise.

Now I haven't played Fight Night, but from the looks of it, this is just ads plastered on the screen. Not good.

ChampIDC3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

One of the best things in Mercenaries 2 was destroying in-game billboard ads. They were both unintrusive and destructible!

TheColbertinator3158d ago

So? EA has done that with all of their games.Nothing illegal with that

kissmeimgreek3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

yes but they havent plastered a giant DVD cover on the bottom of the ring or random pics of avertisement on either side of the screen

GiantEnemyCrab3158d ago

Ad's don't bother me too much when they are implemented properly but this is just over the top. EA you have no shame.

Pandamobile3158d ago

Advertising in sports games is fine with me. As long as it doesn't seem too out of place.

Now, when I see a The Taking of Pelham 123 advert in my Battlefield 2142, that's just stupid.

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The story is too old to be commented.