Final Fantasy XIII now available for pre-order writes:

"The pre-order business is always amusing. Even before the game publishers have released final pricing and release dates, retailers both offline and online are more than happy to take your money anyway.

Cue the videogame retail giant that is Gamestop, now taking pre-orders at an expected price of $59.99. What's surprising (aside from their Rubber Ducky Wii bundle) is the decidedly unexpected humor present in their disclaimer."

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reluctant_gamer3066d ago

It would be nice if someone would just spill a release date. Is gamestop doing any of their freebies or promos for pre-ordering?

thesummerofgeorge3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

But I think I'll wait... They'll get my money when they set a release date.

La Chance3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

whats up with the disagrees, I live in France and speak english, so I if i can get the USA version I'll get.

Dont know where you see Japan in my post...

GameGambits3066d ago

I hope the predicted release date for this game of March 2010 for USA ends up being wrong. God of War 3, White Knight Chronicles, and Final Fantasy 14 ALL are set for March 2010 + throw in FF13 = impossible on my wallet.

I expect this game will slip to April or May anyway for USA, because as history shows us with FF13 this game will never come out. :P

I'm being optomistic that I may actually go for the platinum for FF13, but if there are any ridiculous time sink ones that will make me go nuts then I'll pass. Still can't wait to play the crap out of it though. :D

MxShade3066d ago

And yet the fans insist on using real numbers. I guess we're just not as fancy as Squeenix. Anyway, thanks for the tip.

La Chance3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

I'll preorder this for my 360 as fast as I can.

I hope the USA version wont be region locked so I'll just import it.Ive never imported in my whole life but Im ready to do it for FF13

3066d ago
militant073066d ago

he said the USA version, i guss he live in UK.

try to read...

silverchode3066d ago

its there a point to pre ordering when you dont know the release date.

Lucreto3066d ago

Can't wait for the release PS3 all the way. Once I get the traditional white cover I will be happy.

N4Sony3066d ago

I mean, hell, if EB Games/Gamestop is all sold out in my town a week prior to release, say hello to Wal-Mart at some time during the week. Sh!t, friggin psychos ;p

That said, other than exclusive 360 owners/fanboys, WHO THE HELL WOULD GET THE 360 VERSION OF THIS? If you have both consoles, and if no other "exclusive DLC" or Ghostbuster-esque multiplat issues arise, why would you take a 4-5 disc copy on a console known for scratching discs over one blu-ray? This isn't fanboyism, this is pure common sense! If it is only one disc, than it's a toss-up, but seriously!

killyourfm3066d ago

and bubbles to you, sir. I'm guessing it *has* to be a minimum of 4 DVD's on the 360. (using Lost Odyssey as a guide)

Besides, and this isn't fanboyism either, but FF just *feels* right on the Playstation...

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table3066d ago

maybe they are doing it for nostalgia lol. the old ps1 games came with like 3 or 4 CDs and they scratched even easier than DVDs.

But seriously, final fantasy just has to be played on playstation.

cyberwaffles3066d ago

thank you, i knew others acknowledged that FFXII versus is still exclusive and it would still all be on one disc with the FXIII game. everyone is always talking about disc swapping being the main issue with the 360's version, but its actually the whole other game that only ps3 owners will get.

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