Sony: "60GB may not be big enough eventually"

Rumours that a larger hard drive-equipped PlayStation 3 is on the way have surfaced once again following comments from Sony spokesperson Satoshi Fukuoka.

Speaking to Reuters Fukuoka said, "For users who vigorously store [games and other entertainment content] in the PS3, 20GB is probably going to be to small."

He added, "Even 60GB may not be big enough eventually."

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Siesser4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

I agree that the size for some may be too small. I have about 9 gigs left on my 60 gig model, and that's with me taking it easy on bringing over video since they have to be in mp4 at the moment. The second they patch it to play .avi and .wmv, I'm going out to get a larger hard drive. I'd rather watch my anime on my tv than my pc monitor.

Thing is, for the most part, if I get a larger hard drive, I'd undoubtedly get a better deal by going out and buying whatever size I feel I'll actually need. I think it'd be best for Sony to stick with the 60, and let users upgrade the HD at their own discretion afterwards, unless they're intending to release a much larger hard drive SKU at the same price. They're obviously not going to release a MORE expensive model, but hopefully as well won't make it an 80 or 100gig for the current price. It'd be better to just lower the cost of the 60; not everyone's going to need more than that, and it'll help with the initial entry cost.

And with the expanse in HD size, they REALLY need to get their content management upgraded. I love using the XMB thus far, as it makes sense and is easy to move, edit, and find your stuff on there. But for the love of everything holy, I've got 17+ gigs of music on there alone, and it takes a minute and 45 seconds to get from song one to the last song. Granted, there are ways around this via creative sorting and re-sorting, but it's a hassle. That and picture organization (why can't I make folders?!) need to be addressed.

SmokeyMcBear4262d ago

just get an external HD.. 750 GB will fit all your needs

Siesser4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

That's how I initially got most of my stuff on there in the first place; via my 250gig external drive. Thing is, I don't like periphs. especially since the drive has to attach at the front. I'd rather just place one inside and be done with it, and not have to worry about save locations, etc. Also, HOME's media streaming feature may not work with data from an external drive source. It would be more bang for your buck going that route though.

SmokeyMcBear4262d ago

yeah i agreee, it doesnt look very appealing with the usb cord in the front. they should have put one or two in the back also, just for these types of things. I just dont see a 160 GB being enough, im already pushing that in my external and not even done with my DVD's yet. A ripped and encoded DVD is around 3GB almost 4. I have around 35-40 ripped and encoded, which is around 120 or so GB, plus around 20 gigs of music, growing everyday, my photo albums, all this stuff will only grow larger and larger. I don't think they are going to make a internal hard drive that is enough to put what i want on it. I want the internal for they game downloads and game related content, leave the extra stuff for the external. But yeah, that usb port in the back would have been clutch.

power of Green 4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

Looks like Sony's following in MS's foot steps realizing DDC is the future. Superficially on the Marketing front Sony needs to match the Elite out of the box so the average consumers wont be turning their heads in front of the PS3 saying no! way! we have to pay more for less and to get this PS3 on par with the Elite we even have to pay more on top of the $600.

No average consumer goes into a shop to purchase a 360 and says WoW! i can use the PC's HDD to save stuff and it will be the same with Average Joe and Jane when checking out a PS3(even though you can mod the PS3) in the shop comparing specs and prices.

weekapaugh - You're getting rapped in the ass you're already paying $600 for half of whats offered as far as the average consumer is concerned $120 more for less and you have to spend an extra $60 on 120gig HDD to match the Elite an even spend moreon Headsets, HDMI cable(HDMI cable)dont know if there added yet) etc. $

weekapaugh4262d ago

I upgraded my PS3 drive to 120GB for $60. Nice not to get raped for $179. The average Joe and Jane hate getting raped. The ones who do, they buy 360s.

fenderputty4262d ago

Less then an Elite user? The only thing the PS lacks would be HD size. Something easily fixed without having to spend another 180 bucks. HDMI cables are cheap. Easily found for 20 bucks and under.

What does the Elite lack that the PS3 doesn't. WIFI/HD DRIVE/FREE ONLINE/INTERNET BROWSER/ETC ETC. If you want to start playing the add on game, how much are WIFI adapters? How much are External HD drives?

techie4262d ago

PS3 is the only console that had DDC in their bag for every ps3 owner, and you can download bigger games on the ps3 eg. Tekken. Twas always in the plan to increas it as it becomes cheaper and more needed. 3 years time, a ps3 with a terribyte HD near you.

gooner4262d ago

i can go to a second hand electronics trade in my ps3 hard drive and upgrade 2 500gig 4 20 pounds :)

ASSASSYN 36o4262d ago

OH! It`s ok to upgrade the ps3 but when the 360 gets an upgrade all he// breaks out.

SmokeyMcBear4262d ago

haha all hell breaks loose, haha.. first of all.. no "official" upgrade, considering i can put any notebook hd into the ps3. Second of all, the "upgrade" for the 360 has a hard drive that cost 180 dollars, when you can easily get the same amount of storage that isnt proprietary for under 100, ive heard as low as 80 bucks. So i guess you could consider that all hell breaking loose.

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