Free Realms sell-back changes explained

In a post entitled The Economy of Coin, SOE took the time to explain the cut to the sell-back value of items (and coin drop in battle) that happened over a week ago, enraging the community.

The post explains that the coin values were cut back because there was found to be too much coin in player pockets, and not enough of that coin being spent; in short, there was a surplus of player gold.

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killyourfm3122d ago

Seems like a logical decision, I don't understand why the community was so up in arms over it. Rules of economy!

MxShade3122d ago

Although there was a lot of unfair whining that it made the game impossible (it didn't), the real problem was that the change was made with absolutely no warning, discussion, or even notification to the community. They just changed the game; the players found out the change themselves. Then it took SOE over a week to get back to them (admittedly because of Fan Faire).