Everquest: Underfoot expansion officially announced

Although news of Underfoot has been roaming since the Fan Faire last week, Sony Online Entertainment has officially announced the expansion to the EverQuest community.

To launch in November 2009, Underfoot focuses on the Heart of the World and the Plane of Underfoot, ruled by Brell Serilis.

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killyourfm3247d ago

One of these days I have to get back into Everquest.

Tarmgar3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Yea, it was my first MMO. Can't turn my back on it for much longer, especially since they're STILL SUPPORTING THE [email protected] THING! 10 years and a diminishing community and SOE turns no cheek. Man, Sony is awesome about doing that.

Garrison3246d ago

And Idiotic for not supporting EQ on the consoles. Their Everquest Online adventures tittle on the ps2 still has people playing 24/7 yet they have had no expansion in about 4-years. Not to mention that they are bringing 3 different mmo's to the ps3 and none of them are EQ which is their strongest MMO franchise. I mean really, who really is going to play the Agency, Free Realms and DC Universe Online. 3 more console mmo flops in the making.