New Forza Motorsport 3 screenshots

Microsoft and Turn 10 published two new screenshots showing the Super GT class and the Suzuka circuit.

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JOLLY13273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

The paint stipe is rad. I also like the way none of the barriers look the same.

diefor3273d ago

Yes i think the same.

lokin3273d ago

*Drool forming at edge of my mouth*. this is just looking better each passing day. Thanks Turn10

Trebius3273d ago

If it had twice the amount of total usable cars, and twice the amount of cars on the road at once, it would ALMOST be GT5.

They're almost there though, maybe they should've had 4 CDs instead of 2, to add the rest of the stuff to compete with PD.

menoyou3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

You can't use multiple discs for games like sandboxes, racers, fighters, etc. Everything has to be on one disc because you can't swap a disc over and over just because you want to choose a different track or city. The second disc is just for installation purposes. The 360's discs are maxed out.

Also, as usual, these pictures are bullshots. It has anti-aliasing and filters that the real game won't be running.

DevastationEve3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

wasn't it the original GT or was it GT 2 that was on 2 discs? i believe you had to put in a disc to do career mode or something, i'm fuzzy on it since it's been so long.

edit: la chance, i didn't mean for it to sound insulting, i'm just saying that having multiple discs doesn't hinder a game in any way, it's just fanboy opinion. here's a bubble!

La Chance3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Yeah the first disc was Arcade Mode and the 2nd was Career mode.

It didnt cause a problem whatsoever.

I remember back in the day I was actually quite happy that I was getting 2 discs for the price of one LOL.

@apocalyPS3 : nah it didnt sound like you were bashing, genuine question, bubble back to you!

JokesOnYou3273d ago

#5Ghraphics...why bring up GT4? This is about Forza3.

Jolly don't waist your time, everybody can see with their own two eyes that Forza3 is ghraphically superb.

#9 i am vague, from what I can see the lighting is could say "I don't know what it is but..." about any game but the truth is to us mere mortals with normal human vision the game looks amazing in every aspect compared to any racer we've seen so far.

True Forza fans don't need to bring up or hate on GT in every Forza thread...we either prefer Forza but also respect GT or we like both...and vice versa for GT fans.

Ahhh, well in Oct I will be burning up the track with this on so, it doesn't matter.


phosphor1123273d ago

You have really cleaned up the fanboy comments lately. It's nice to see these sort of comments come from you =P. No offense if any was taken by the way.

sonarus3273d ago

Big GT fan here. Being honest i have to say Turn 10 have stepped it up. Though i still think the graphics are close Turn 10 edges them out with forza 3 compared with GT5 Prologue (haven't actually seen GT5). What the deciding factor is to me is simply the tracks. Forza just has more track detail the GT does.

Regardless, GT5 will have more tracks and cars and i am still quite confident that in the yr between prologue and GT5 release some significant improvements have been made that will make GT5 look even better. So far the damage model for GT5 shown has been weak at least in comparison to forza.

Looks like 360 and PS3 fans will be getting their own exclusive sim racer and the competition between the two will be as tough as ever

y0haN3272d ago

Multiple discs are really putting me off, I hope you can install them both and just use one disc from then on.

dcbronco3272d ago

All of the people complaining about multiple disc need to just shut up. It has been a part of gaming in the past and no one complained. Plus you can just load the entire game onto your hard drive. Stop whining because Sony told you it was a problem. Keep being peoples pawn and you will have a totally unsatisfying life. Frickin' idiots.

y0haN3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

The disagree crew can voice their opinion. I don't enjoy changing discs often or at all, so what's wrong with hoping I can install it?

Lol, here they come again, cowards. Pathetic.

I did not murder him3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

You're a troll with your agenda set in stone, there is no reasoning with you the best thing to do is hit disagree and move on.

No one cares if more than one disc is putting you off you don't even own the console you play the game on. You think falsely attaching a blank gamertag to your N4G BIO makes your malice driven opinion valid?


y0haN3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

No my PSN ID and XBL Gamertag are not publically available because I don't want idiots adding me. And lol, you think I don't own an Xbox 360? I play it most days, more so than the PS3, and I really enjoy playing it. Just because I don't like one of the few flaws of gaming (disc swapping) doesn't make me a fanboy.. jesus christ.

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GiantEnemyCrab3273d ago

Wow that looks incredible! Way to go Turn10!

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3273d ago

Wow Forza 3 looks like bullshit LMAO

All these low-res screenshots are putting racing sim fans to sleep


Why dis3273d ago

LOL thats why you track all forza news so you can post the same retard BS in every article.

II Necroplasm II3273d ago

lol the little asian man got owned XD

user39158003273d ago

Those of you jealous like suchi fukchi, dont know any better. Oh well, what can I said enjoy your second rated GT5.

Uncle Rico3273d ago

check out the official forza site for the high rez shots...hopefully it will make ur asian penis a bit smaller than the tooth pick size it already is

Cerberus_Hunter3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Now look at the gameplay at 2:40

I did not murder him3272d ago

That look fucin amazing dude lol and thats an old build E3 footage was of a old build at the time of E3 when they showed it. The screenshots are being released to show progress as said by the devs.

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Supercalifragili3273d ago

Ultra-realistic, nice job Turn 10.

DevastationEve3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

whoa...this game is looking SWEET!

edit: yeah you got about 1/8ths of the wheel showing, lol. but that's how my 2006 Spectra 5 looks, everything's low and deep. of course, mine's a 5 door hatchback.

JOLLY13273d ago

That IS-F is dropped.... Those wheels are so tucked up it isn't funny.

Liquid_Ocelot3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

uhh is the driver missing in that pic or is he on the right side? it looks like the steering wheel is on the left with no driver to me idk, thanks for the clarification

game is lookin mad hot

JOLLY13273d ago

Liquid....From what I have read, when you are in photomode, you have the option to take the driver out. So, if you want to show some interior pic or something, I don't know. Maybe it is so you have have pics that look like that.

Liquid_Ocelot3273d ago

Thank you for the explanation JOLLY1

y0haN3272d ago

Photo mode, now it makes sense. They look just like the bullshots you can make with Halo 3 and PGR4 photo mode.

Elvfam5113272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

the driver at?

Edit nvm Jolly explained

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