Killzone for Life… Literally

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"It takes a certain type of fan to be passionate enough about a game to make yourself into a walking, talking advertisement. Well one Killzone fan did just that, by having 'Killzone' tattooed on his leg, forever showing his love for the critically acclaimed FPS."

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Megaton3301d ago

I can MAYBE understand a Helghast symbol, but just the word Killzone?

lociefer3301d ago

well cant blame him , the game is beyond aweosome

gambare3301d ago

umm.... maybe a haircut with the helgast emblem on the back of my head.... nothing permanent but pretty awesome.

ChickeyCantor3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

" well cant blame him , the game is beyond aweosome"

I can blame him, i mean even if the game is awesome, faboysism like this is just extreme.

(but then again he did get a HDTV and PS3?)

hakis863301d ago

This is actually old news, seen that picture sereval months ago

Tarasque3301d ago

I am sorry if you get a tattoo of a game on your arm, you might be a retard. And that would include all the idiots that got halo tatto's also. Just for the record.

IdleLeeSiuLung3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

I enjoy many things, more than I probably should, but I ain't tattooing anything on my body let alone a game title (or anything related) for that matter. Not for a TV+PS3 either.

I think there was this one guy that tattooed something on his forehead and got $30k. At least he got $30k and not $2k worth of electronics that will depreciate.

v1c1ous3301d ago

ever heard of viral marketing?

Karum3301d ago

He probably used a few $ out of that $30k and got the ink removed and still came out with a nice profit.

Not seeing the down side to that one lol.

Trebius3301d ago

The only tattoos I would expect anyone to get are retro type if I saw someone with a tattoo of mario's head (not huge) on his arm or something, I wouldn't think, what a geek...because Mario is and always will be what gave birth to video games.

I would probably sneak a little Star tattoo from mario somewhere on my body just to have it...small tattoos of games are ok, but your whole arm or back is just silly.

DaTruth3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Pac-man says hi!

But I'm 30 and I am not old enough to get a Pac-man tattoo! That's even before my time.

Imagine a Double Dragon tattoo. Hm, maybe.

iamtehpwn3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

I give you mad props for being the only Nintendo Fanboy left.
I was, then I abandoned ship.
I'm aboard the S.S. Playstation now (I bought one the day it dropped to $400, and I haven't been more pleased with a system yet).

Traveler3301d ago

I absolutely love Killzone 2, but I wouldn't tattoo any game's name on my body.

IdleLeeSiuLung3301d ago

Do you think people are gonna spend $30k on marketing without considering that possibility?

Reality is that he was bounded by contract to not remove it. I don't remember the details though.

MEsoJD3301d ago

Yeah sidars funny but Hey it keeps things interesting.

I mean some people can take the punishment of bad games on their system but not me. Nintendo died after N64.

PC/PS3 ftw!!!

theEnemy3301d ago

The Helghast symbol would have been much much cooler.

ObviousTruth3301d ago

exactly why tattoos are completely moronic. in hindsight, you almost always wish you would have gone with something else. and 10 years down the road none of his tattoos will mean anything.

never understood why ppl felt that they needed to identify themselves through permanently scarring their bodies.

oh well...not my skin.

kparks3301d ago

WOW what a loser..... im one of the people that didnt care for KZ i bought it played it a while then gave it to a friend and then he played it and didnt like it so he gave it back and now its at game stop i cant give uall a reason why i didnt like it because i like FPS i just didnt care for it i dont know why the graphics were good tho didnt like the controlls that much

Nelson M3301d ago

He could have had Halo Tattooed on his Arm

Marquis_de_Sade3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

If this tattoo is anything like the game, he will soon grow bored of it. I went back to Resistance 2/SOCOM as soon as I had unlocked most of the classes and side badges on my old, now hacked account, LibertineUK (that's before any of you claim otherwise based on my current PSN account).

And for those who say a Helghast symbol would be cooler, yes it probably would compared to this, but certainly not cool in relation to many other things.

ChickeyCantor3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Wait did people actually think i was trying to bash a "sony" fan?
The same thing applies to those Halo fans.


"I give you mad props for being the only Nintendo Fanboy left.
I was, then I abandoned ship.
I'm aboard the S.S. Playstation now (I bought one the day it dropped to $400, and I haven't been more pleased with a system yet). "

Eh what?
Im a " Fan " Not fanboy, there is a difference you know.
And i own a PS3 too. So what was the point of your post really?

Marquis_de_Sade3301d ago

Yes, I'm not entirely sure why iamtehpwn made that comment, reported for off topic - ness anyway.

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Timesplitter143301d ago

It'll look pretty hilarious when he becomes an old man and has the word "KILLZONE" on his leg

farsided3301d ago

ah lol! i just got that!

LinuxGuru3301d ago

Just the Helghast or ISA symbols would be fine...don't put Killzone lol.

mastiffchild3301d ago

No, it's waaay too much innit?

Did anyone else see the copy of OPM UK last year with all the tatoos people had? One guy had PS3 lettering, one had the Bioshock chains(like your char)and, iirc, a couple had Ammy from Okami(very colourful as well as MASSIVE!)among others.

However, and though it's my favourite as well, the one which beats all for fanboyism(even the Halo and KZ goons) was this guy who'd had a frikkin' Dualshock carved in ink on his calf-real size and in a palm!

Why? Tats, if you must have 'em, are for your footy team(for either sex) or a LITTLE decoration(for the girls at best)but definitely NOT your favourite games-and under NO circumstance take the console war so seriously that you end up with a controller on your body!

Madness, proper madness!

Karum3301d ago

An awesome, likely expensive TV and a new PS3 for the price of a tattoo?

I'd have done it.

heroicjanitor3301d ago

People are acting like he did it because of his insane love for killzone, I'd do it for a Sony Bravia and a new ps3, probably with killzone bundled.

BYE3301d ago

Respect to you guys, I wouldn't wanna walk on the beach with a Killzone tattoo.

UltimateIdiot9113301d ago

If I was married, yes but since I'm not I wouldn't get a tattoo like that for a TV and PS3.

DaTruth3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

I already have those! It wouldn't be worth it for a pair. Come to think of it I already have two 46" HD televisions in my living room so this is a definite no-no!

@HeroicJanitor: The people who are acting like that, didn't read the article, as happens so much on N4G

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