TAKEitGAME Review - Battlefield Heroes

TAKEitGAME writes: "Battlefield Heroes is a new experience done by EA in order to make games that can be played without any cost, and by using a web browser.

However, being a free game doesn't mean that a game can have significant flaws, and Battlefield Heroes certainly have some flaws that can't be left unnoticed.

Keep reading to find out more about Battlefield Heroes."

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DevilXPanther3305d ago

Classes are more even now I've noticed usually 4 gunners, commandos and soldiers on each team, though might be a little uneven.
However this article also says clothing cannot be permanently bought, which is false. They even have ads for permanent clothing during load times when starting up the game. The review here gives the game a 3/5, but only really states two reasons why, Battlefunds and uneven teams. Although you can buy valor point and exp boosters, this doesnt affect the game that much. Skills, even at lowest ranks, can be utilized efficiently by anyone, and ultimately like any shooter, it comes down to the skill of the player. Overall, sometimes games are a bit difficult to play because of many people choosing the same class, mainly commando and gunner, soldiers are a bit of a rarity when it comes to clumping. But this game surely is more than average for a free game and though has flaws deserves a 4/5 not a simple 3.

Simbyotic3304d ago

Actually, I wasn't saying there is in all games the same class being used by the players, it was just an introduction to the fact that it is impossible to change classes on the fly.

About the permanent clothing, I have yet to see that. Every time I go to the store there are only those two options.