Gameplay Monthly: Cross Edge Review

Gameplay Monthly writes: "Just too many teeth-grinding issues to keep the score up. If the menus could be simplified, items and skills easily referenced, and some balance matters tweaked it go a long way to a better score, but even then the game certainly doesn't scream out as something truly special. Other reviews of Cross Edge have been incredibly harsh, and I wanted to put together something that at least tried to look from the bottom-up instead of the top-down".

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callahan093304d ago

Completely agree with this review. The later reviews that are coming in, like OPM UK, Play Magazine, and this one, all seem more fair and rational than the earlier reviews. It's a game that requires time to fully appreciate, and I really believe a lot of the early reviews just wrote it off within the first 10 hours or so. I think the game has a lot of good (hilarious characters and a decent plot, great voice acting, and a phenomenal, fun, totally unique and very addicting battle system). It has flaws, as outlined in this latest review, but they aren't game breaking. There's some long load times, some slowdown, some sub-par graphics, some clunky menus and some uneven spikes in difficulty. But I'm finding myself quite entertained by the game. It's positives outweigh the negatives and there is an INSANE amount of depth in this game.

LiquifiedArt3303d ago

I'm almost finished with inFamous (2nd playthrough). Once i'm done then Cross-Edge all the way!