Rainbow 6 Players Pack Red Edition (DLC)

The development team behind the Award-Winning Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas brings you brand new Multiplayer content available for download, including two new game modes and brand new maps. The renowned Assassination Mode returns, challenging players to safely escort a VIP to a designated extraction point. In addition teams will be confronted with new obstacles in Total Conquest Mode, where teams simultaneously battle to maintain control of three locations on a given map. Not to be outdone, the development team has created new, fully enhanced maps including Doscala Restaurant, Marshalling Yard, Roof and more! All of the celebrated multiplayer game modes, as well as Assassination and Total Conquest, will be playable on all maps including these most recent additions.

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Fenman4259d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

My friends and I have been waiting for this map pack for a while now but my 360 died last night so looks like I'm going to have to miss out this weekend. Game of Motorstorm anyone?