Sync'd HD-DVD Purchase by Fanboys Spike Amazon Rank, Blu-Rayers Set To Retaliate

This morning, Gizmodo wrote about a stat that Europe's HD-DVD title sales had spiked and surpassed Blu-ray sales. That's wrong. That writer actually used US data, so they updated their post. But what about that US spike? It didn't have anything to do, actually, with the fact that HD-DVD has over 100k non-Xbox players in the field. That would have revealed itself with a more gradual climb in the charts.

Apparently, the spike occurs the same day that HD-DVD fanboys at AVSForum, the AV enthusiast site, had organized an mass buy of HD-DVD titles. For an immature format, even a few individuals can make a difference, if only on a day.

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techie4057d ago

fanboy of a format? How weird...did they do this in the betamax days./

Grown Folks Talk4057d ago

you never heard of the huge war between the touch-tones and the rotary dialers? the touch-tones ended up winning because the rotary dialers took longer to call for back-up.

techie4057d ago

hehe funny.

These guys are really stupid though. What's going to happen now is a huge drop in sales lol.

Frulond4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

bwahahaha I'm having a good laugh

xfrgtr4057d ago

This is what I ve been saying in previous posts

Shaka2K64057d ago

Fanboys i sense alot of fear in them.

heres a fact Blu-ray has won.

Robert223884057d ago

Im just glad all that "HDDVD comeback" nonsense is over. Perhaps now we can move on.

Sorry HDDVD fanboys, your scheme failed horribly, as did your format

frenchy644057d ago

I really did laugh out loud when I read this. I'm not anti any format, but format-fanboys? LOL!

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The story is too old to be commented.