Joystiq Interview: Valve's Doug Lombardi

Valve's PR overlord, Doug Lombardi, answered Joystiq's burning Left 4 Dead 2 questions at a recent event in London. They discuss PS3 development, the new cast and clarify some of the game's features, so read on.

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Blaze9293301d ago

I bet Valve is just LOVING all this press spotlight they are getting. And it shows, L4D2 pre-orders are already higher than L4D1.

Pandamobile3301d ago

I like the new characters but no one can replace Francis' hatred for everything and Louis' "PEELS" addiction.

Pandamobile3301d ago

Also, this is a good interview that will hopefully hush most of the PS3 guys up.

It's not that Valve is to too lazy to make PS3 versions, they just don't have to staff to do so. Coding for the PC and 360 is nearly identical but the PS3's architecture is completely different and no one at Valve has PS3 programming under their belt.

Persistantthug3293d ago

This guy's response reeks of PR'ness.

How hard is it to find PS3 coders?
2 1/2 years of hard?

I'm sure you don't buy that.

3298d ago