The Playlist: July 2009

From TheGameReviews: July hasn't traditionally been a good month for video games, but the TGR staff try to pluck the out the jewels from the junk with a look at the list of new releases for all formats this month.

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SirLarr2973d ago

Tales of Monkey Island is going to rule.

Viewtiful2973d ago

Is Tales of Monkey Island an update of the classic Monkey Island? Or Something else entirely. I haven't paid attention at all to this.

cain1412973d ago

I'm excited about NCAA, rest is quite bland...

mr durand pierre2973d ago

Seriously, has anyone else played Trine? It's brilliant!

SlamVanderhuge2972d ago

Gotta get that Trine........when it hits PSN

iTZKooPA2972d ago

At least we get time to catch up on June's titles!