Four Life Lessons I Learned From Square Enix

Stuffy pundits will argue that games only teach violence and anger, but most of us know that to not be the case. Square Enix in particular garnishes its games with highly digestible life lessons ranging from common sense to uncommonly profound. Here, four of one Limit Break writer's favorite Square morals.

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SpoonyRedMage3028d ago

Couldn't have been more developed but was a decent read. Nice to see there's still other people who don't totally despise them.

Now to wait for the hate-filled comments from the N4G users.

DevastationEve3028d ago

There's no reason for all the SE bashing really, but I guess a lot of people just felt that close to Square back in the old days.

Remember, they were the company that released a large volume of games in 1998 alone and pumped out 3 superb Final Fantasy games one right after the other, VII VIII and IX!

And they were QUALITY games!

Brave Fencer Musashiden
Final Fantasy Tactics
Parasite Eve
Bushido Blade 2

They were truly a different company back then...

Wildarmsjecht3028d ago

I agree completely. My beef with SE is based on what they used to produce and what they have currently become. The handheld games are good...If they're not remaking older games over and over again. I loved Final Fantasy 1-6 and chrono trigger as much as the next person, but I've played them over and over again through various platforms. And when little to no change has been applied to some of them, I feel whats the point? Yes, people will still buy it, but if thats your reasoning for not spending time creating new and original titles like Xenogears, Musashi, Vagrant Story, Threads of Fate and so forth, then I want no part of it.

SE is not what they once were, and thus far, they have yet to prove the greatness that was once Squaresoft and Enix respectively.

SpoonyRedMage3028d ago

hehe, Well as I've said before I do most of my gaming on my DS so they've still be good for me. This year they've released(in Europe):

Chrono Trigger
Dragon Quest V
FF:CC: Echoes of Time(one my fave games)
Valkyrie Profile: CotP(worst of the bunch but still good)

and they were kind enough to distribute Disgaea DS!

Hopefully I'll see these as well this year:
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Dragon Quest IX
Blood of Bahamut
Dragon Quest Wars(DSiware)

The last three are doubtful but still good stuff in my opinion... That's probably why I don't agree with most people. Especially about the lack of Next-Gen titles.

Blaze9293028d ago

Am I the only one who loved The Bouncer? >_>

Wildarmsjecht3028d ago

Nah, you're not alone. Bouncer was a fun beat em up title. It caught alot of flack for being boring and repetitive, but back then, when you get the chance to beat up goons in nice looking graphics, who cares? ...kinda wanna play it now.

iamtehpwn3028d ago

The images will explain it all.

DevastationEve3028d ago

The Bouncer was pretty solid, but it was also a good indication as to the direction they were heading. More jPop, more flair, more Zell Dincht-wannabe tribal tatoos, lol.

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Timesplitter143028d ago

Lesson 5 : Wearing an asymetrical outfit full of belts and zippers somehow gives you a strategic advantage.

DevastationEve3028d ago

FF8 started it all, I guess. I dunno, I just a lot of that particular FF's style being carried over in FF X, X-2, and the FF VII games. I see that they took Cloud and gave him Squall's persona in Advent Children, lol.

I hate to say it, but Cloud had more life in FF VII than in Advent! All those flashy moves don't prove a thing when you're moping around for 3/4s the movie! At least in FF VII there was some exploring and leveling up to do!

Sunny_D3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Waits for DNAGENT to talk about how garbage SE is and how FF13 will suck... blah blah balah

SpoonyRedMage3028d ago

haha, when I saw there was an open zone comment that's who I thought it was. Have a bubble, you seem to be in depserate need.

BYE3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Lesson I learned from SE:

Poor management decisions can harm your company's reputation.

Lucreto3028d ago

While I am peeved with the lack of PS3 support from SE I will buy their games. I just ordered SO 1 and 2 and DQ5. I just finished Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV.

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